i am calling you

Friday nite I went to one of the best shows ever. It was with
Casxio,von iva, and the trucks. I am not a very big von iva fan so the fact that they were there didn't thrill me much, but they were actually very surprisingly good. Their new stuff is way better than their last album and they have this song about l.a. which pretty much settled for me that I really need to get the fuck out of here, which is funny because I was thinking and talking about me needing to leave with my best friend right before the show. Funny how music has a way of being that connected. The trucks were way to fucking cute and I regret denying their add the first time they tried to add me. The real gem of the night though I have to say was casxio, I have been trying to see them for a while but never end up making it to their shows, and I'm glad I caught this one.

I don't really know any of their history except they are fairly new and from LA, making it easy for me to see them a lot more and at reasonable prices,which I will be doing. To call them indie/dance rock would be all to simple. Maybe you can tell maybe you can't but I'm not into the genre label dropping, but that would be the closest that I can get to describing them. They really remind me of a few different bands: the Police,the rapture and some good funk and soul. The Police only because the singer plays the bass and they are extremely bass heavy(which I fucking LOVE),some sort of rockabilly because they totally have that style and while their music is semi-rockish its dancey but more fast paced than the rapture would be. At many moments the singer totally sounds like luke from the rapture and their guitar player does back up vocals and lead vocals from time to time as well, so that comparison is bound to be drawn. They are like a raw under produced version of the rapture,and I mean that as a compliment not an insult. Lets just hope the dfa don't find out about them and over produce them(and i do like the dfa,for the record).Buying their ep was the best 5 bucks ever spent and will make my cool quota go up,i hope.

Casxio-Calling You

The Trucks-Titties
The Trucks-Zombie

don't miss tonite at my favorite tuesday nite spot..even though I won't be there:


you ressemble nothing but a dream

I haven't been this excited about a club since halloween when the same peeps threw the best halloween party in history with mrstrkrft and justice. This year my birthday falls on a tuesday so lets all cross our fingers that something equally amazing gets thrown that day.

Boys Noize is a lovely man from germany, so I automatically have to love him. Then he remixes everyone that I generally don't like (feist,kaiser chiefs,bloc party..) and makes me like them or at least have a certain amount of respect for them since they allow him to rework their songs always making them better. He also started his own record label so that puts him up there on the hero status on my list. You should get your hands on all of his sexy remixes,and anything on his label.

Para One,i have decided might be replacing Stuart Price. Actually I don't really know if that will ever happen,but he
if there is anyone that could would probably be the closet thing to anyone who would.
He has his plate full with remixes his own work and he also is a part of ttc who are actually giving me some hope again in hip hop. He's french so again I automatically love him, but really as with the beginnings of my sp love it all starts with the face.mmm

And speaking of the french, I dedicate this entire post to my favorite frenchy,probably ever,even more than daft punk so you know that is some serious shit. Wish we could go dancing together today and everyday.

enjoy these jams responsibly.
Foreign Islands-Fine Dining With The Future (Boys Noize Remix)

Teki Latex-Disco Dance With You (Para One Remix)

Daft Punk-The Prime Time Of Your Life (Para One Remix - Konstruction Edit)

Para One-Dudun-dun (Boys Noize Remix)

Kaiser Chiefs-Everyday I Love You Less and Less (Boys Noize Remix)

I-Robots-Frau (Boysnoize Mix)


say what?

for once work hasn't been all the horrific.big ups to that.music will return tomorrow. hope someone noticed that there was a lack. big fuck you to people who don't do the things they claim they will and big luv to the people who surprise you with the sweetest words imaginable.


rock shock...

..so i was looking around on youtube today for the video for dj medhi's-signatune thomas bangalter remix (which is currently my jam of the year) and I stumbled upon this jem of a jam. If daft punk and jazz had babies this is what they would sound like and I for one would gladly host the babies in
my womb,so get at me if you need a host.

Big ups yet again to my wonderful friend matt who found this song and then sent me the link, I would host your babies too.

roy davis jr-rock shock (thomas bangalter start-stop remix)

...dont forget about fujiya & miyagi tonite at spaceland and d.a.n.c.e with me and my peeps.


you gotta know your place on the foodchain.

If you love !!!(and you should if you are trying to rep my blog) then you will love Fujiya & Miyagi as well as whomadewho. WhoMadeWho hail from Denmark and are one of my most favorite record labels on the entire planet gomma. They do a cover of that benny benassi song satisfaction,and actually make it tolerable. Fujiya & Miyagi
are from Brighton and they just have that funky bass sound as well as some sexy ass vocals that I cannot help but loving. They are playing a show tomorrow nite at spaceland so you should mos def hop your ass up on to that show and dance with me and my posse.

I dedicate this post to my lovely and wonderful husband(who I think will start doing posts here as well) who was kind enough to turn me on to both of these bands,I wish you weren't so far away so you could dance it up with me as well.

whomadewho-johnny lucky

fujiya & miyagi-in one ear and out the other



Sometimes,very rarely,I actually enjoy living in los angeles. This morning was one of those times. I was riding this bus to work and a somewhat thuggy dude gets on as well totally reeking of the weed and this guy that was in the back sitting next to him says "smells good from here" and asks him if he has an extra. The guy says "yeah what do you want a dime a dub?" the guy buys a dub and then the other guy informs him that he lives near where they both got on the bus and to hit him up if ever needs to again he knows where he is at. Fucking awesome,on a bus at 8 in the fucking morning you can buy a dub. I am not saying that this doesn't happen elsewhere,but I experienced it here and it kinda gave me some slight amount of hope in this city.

In honor of my newly acquired liking for my city I made a short list of some of my favorite scuola furano songs. They are one of my favorite bands in the world. If you like anything good you will love them. They list their influences as George Clinton,Larry Levan,TRAX,EPMD,A Tribe Called Quest,Neptunes,Daft Punk,Basement Jaxx,Zapp,Leroy Burgess,Patrick Adams and in my opinion you can hear a bit of all them. I got into a lot of other italian bands thanks to them, so I am forever in their debt. They also love haribos and daft punk as much as I do and anyone like that cant be bad.

in the ladies room

please play in the followoing order:
chocolate glazed
c'mon girlz
g funk-3000


im feeling alive

so what I already knew was official is not officially official.Daft motherfucking Punk all over again.. I am seriously going to all of these shows

ALIVE 2007
JUL 21 LOS ANGELES, CA - LA Sports Arena
JUL 27 BERKELEY, CA - Greek Theatre
JUL 31 DENVER, CO - Red Rocks
AUG 05 TORONTO, Ontario - Arrow Hall
AUG 07 MONTREAL, Quebec - Bell Centre
AUG 09 NEW YORK, NY - Keyspan Park

.. this tour is with kavinsky,sebastiAn, and the fucking rapture... seriously if you want to go to any of these shows with me let me know and its on! I am going to get back on the ball with my daft punk changed my life shirts and hopefully I can sell enough to afford all the dates. Here are my favorite daft punk or daft punk related remixes. enjoy!

LCD Soundsystem-Daft Punk is Playing at My House (Soulwax Shibuya Daft Mix)
this is best remix ever.

Scott Grooves-Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk Remix)..whooopsie I uploaded the wrong song originally but its fixed now.

Gabrielle-Forget About The World (Daft Punk Remix)


can i have a taste of your ice cream?

In honor of today being such a lovely day and my constant craving for ice cream I am posting one of my favorite songs mentioning ice cream and various covers of it.

The original comes from one of my favorite bands delta 5. If you like bands like the slits and au pairs you should already know and love them,but if you don't you will. The chicks on speed version is actually the first version that I ever heard. Once I found out it was a cover I had to get my hands on the original version, and that is one of the many things that I love so much about chicks on speed,is that when they do a cover they don't completely ruin the song. The last comes from roxy cottontail who apparently is the business in ny,yet another reason for me to make a visit. I love her version because she keeps the og version in the chorus. Im still really pissed off that no one wanted to see her live with me when she was in los angeles. boo.

delta 5-mind your own business

chicks on speed-mind your own business

roxy cottontail-mind your own business


wishing i was bolder

I think it was a cd that my wonderful husband made me that introduced me to lo-fi-fnk or maybe they tried to add me,either way I fucking love them. They are playing at my favorite party spot on tuesday nites, so I totally couldn't be any more excited. This is prolly my favorite remix of this song,it doesn't completely change it and justus köhncke is another one of my many favorites. If you miss tonite you are trippin.

lo-fi-fnk wake up (justus köhncke remix)


somebody told me

I have been having a really fucking shitty few weeks and on saturday my homie hit me up to tell me I was on mylo's top friends on myspace. Im not sure why but that seriously has made my days better. Tacky I know. So in my friend and mylo's honor enjoy 2 really fantastic mylo remixes. I never liked the killers until I heard this remix,in fact I still dont,and if even my boy stuart price cant turn me on to them,their isnt really much hope for us. You should get the 12" of this single since it comes with an equally awesome glimmers remix. I am a fan of moby regardless of how gay that makes me,I think he is cute. His newer stuff wasn't all that fancy so big ups to mylo for turning the song into a gem.

the killers-somebody told me(mylo remix)

moby-lift me up(mylo remix)


were having big fun

..that is what I did not have on the nite I was posted about below. Typical la bullshit crowds and lines and lame ass haircuts. I am NEVER again going to a party where 18 year olds are allowed EVER again. It reminded me of one of those terrible high school dances that we all went to, except with tolerable music. I don't even think guns'n'bombs dj'ed..booo to that nite.

In my efforts to try and forget about that nite I am making my friend,who matters to me more than I think he realizes, a mix tape and including this gem of a song by one of my favorites cut copy. Its their new song which a lot of people have been already hyping up so I'm not new on that end,but I just want you to dance regardless.

enjoy and have a lovely friday nite!

cut copy-hearts on fire