all night

I finally took a little break from night work this morning, and while I do miss it so, my ears have no complaints. This is pretty much how all albums should start.

tesla boy-electric lady


they always talk to much

I'm not sure if I am sorry for the lack of posts (this time) since all I have been listening to is night work, on super ultra mega repeat there has been no inspiration for me to do any updates.

That day has changed.

Berliniest album ever????!!!!? I cant FUCKING wait!!!!

3 repetetive sounds-am fm


i want you to funk me

So Im pretty much at a loss for words to properly describe the way that I feel about Night Work. All I can for sure say is that I will never ever love another human more than I love currently love Mr Price. Oh, and its literally been on repeat ALL day.

scissor sisters-any which way


you can be my lover

I pretty much live for the cheesy synths . So clearly, I have been currently living for grum's album.

And this fucking sexy picture.

grum-turn it up


the sun is too damn bright

My heart pretty much broke in half when I found out that Mattie Safer left the Rapture, since I feel that he was the soul of the band. Im still not sure how they will survive, but I am thrilled that he is working on his own material as well as still being featured on others. I am also even more thrilled that thing song was produced by Mirawais.

I wish,however, that I was more thrilled with uffie's entire album.

uffie-illusions of love(featuring mattie safer)

fun fun f-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-n

I meant to post about the drums a while ago, but wanted to wait until I had a song that wasn't on every other blog. Maybe this one is to, but it totally means something to me at this moment. Why oh why is everything about them so fucking cute?!?!

the drums-i need fun in my life



There not a single day that goes by that I dont listen to zoot woman.

zoot woman-more than ever


it doesnt mean shit

I knew I felt something when I went to Philly.

I listened to this song on repeaaaaaat today. If delorean were american, the would sound like this, and for me to compare you to delorean and american in the same sentence really means something. Or maybe it doesnt mean shit.

golden ages-it doesnt mean shit


tell me why

This little gem has been sitting in my inbox for far to fucking long. Things are finally back to normal and I really can't think of a better song for my triumphant return. Kimono Kops makes everything better!!

kimono kops-sweettooth for charlie