take me far away..

..I have been waiting this day for entirely too fucking long. There is a new zoot woman track and it is fucking amazing, of course. I can not fucking wait for 2008.

zoot woman-we won't break


just dance.

While we are on the subject of recent amazing remixes, here comes another fabulous daft punk remix with fucking cowbells! It really doesn't get much better than this.
Thank _______ (fill in the blank) for villans.

daft punk-around the world (villans more cowbell edit)


dont let go

I didn't really think that there was any way that 2 hearts could be better. Apparently I was wrong,maybe. I do know that without a doubt that the twelves make everything better.

kylie minouge-2 hearts (the twelves remix)



I have always wondered why the german ladies in berlin are such fucking amazing techo artists. I still do not know the answer but this lovely lady is totally proving my point. And fancy that she is playing there on new years eve and for the first time ever I will be in the city of something really amazing that I need to see.

mia-can't find you



drunk in the sun

When I was walking to the train this morning I saw that lovely little sticker and at the same time this song came on, so I figured it was kind of a sign that I needed to finally but this song up today. Apparently there is something in the water in Sweeden that makes everyone that comes from there so god damn amazing. Dada life are no exception, they are in fact entirely too amazing and I lack the words to properly convey how amazing that they really are though so I wont. Just enjoy.

dada life-fun fun fun


gonna be your lover someday

I am pretty sure that any dk 7 releases are my some of fucking favorite of all releases in the world,I mean how could they not be.. anything that jesper touches is automatically a winner, then add that most of it was released on output and you have my complete and utter devotion. Everyone should rush out and purchase disarm, but be warned listening to it alone in the dark might not be the most comfortable experience ever!
dk 7-instone (get shakes remix)

dk 7-white shadow

dk 7-killer (lopazz remix)


we live our life..

I found a video of this this morning and seriously had the chills the whole time, and this is even better since its the entire song.Definitely a cover worthy of being a cover. Serious bitch slapping is needed if you don't like this. Still gonna help
matt?? ps thank you oh so kindly.

roisin murphy-standing in the way of control


go get it now

I think the one is probably just that.. the one album everyone needs to own this year. What every band hopes to be he does alone and sometimes with some help from other equally amazing people.

shinichi osawa-electro411

shinichi osawa-last days

shinichi osawa-foals (vocals by nelson0

..and just because im always stuck in early 90s dance music mode:

mighty dub katz-magic carpet ride '07 (shinichi osawa remix)


hard work is never over..

i was totally there..with my fucking husband <33 if only one of us had a video camera


its a war..

..this song made walking to work tolerable today, if you have an 8 minute walk to work i would highly recommend putting this song on before starting off any day.

Be warned though you probably will start dancing down the street and get looked or honked at.

kano-it's a war (serge santiago & tom neville's instrumental remix)

web candies..

I seriously cant get enough of them, and apparently they cant get enough of spreading their love to my (and your) ears.

scuola furano-boumba


i woke up this morning..

And couldn't stop thinking of this song. I'm just glad i'm not a pretty girl, I don't know what I would do if I couldn't dance.

felix da housecat-pretty girls don't dance(what should i do)


just want to make it clear..

We all have people in our lives who really need to go away. This goes out to all of them and everyone with the capability to let them go.

royksopp-go away


i am in love.

This is the most amazing blog ever,i think I am going to stop now,because I will never ever be that fucking amazing. Seriously.

disco workout


back with a punch.

..and just when my love for stuart and justice was starting to die, this fucking gem comes out. I never thought that anything would top the mstrkrft remix,but I stand happily corrected. If only he would come out with a new lrd album,my life will have meaning again. Seriously though,him and I need to meet.

justice-d.a.n.c.e (les rythmes digitales remix)

big ups to donnie and stereogum for allowing me to have this.


give you all my love

We all know and love new young pony club as well as mstrkrft, so I really dont think that much needs to be said about this fantastic remix.

new young pony club-get dancey(mstrkrft remix)

you can never have enough electro..

Metro Electro is the latest proof of that. Great way to start off a wednesday morning!!

metro electro-fashion II and III


all that she wants..

Scuola furano have a new song,and as usual its fucking amazing. Can't ever say enough about these lovely men. Fucking ace of base for fucks sake!

scuola furano-saxada


she probably is..

Jean Grae is one of the all to rare intelligent hip hoppers. It may come as a shock but I do like some hip hop. She has a bunch of new songs on her page that you can download that are new songs over old beats, you should download(im to lazy to make links,and this is my 2nd post today!!) them now, add her, and subscribe to her blogs so you can see just how amazing she really is.

i dream about getting down

Babamars are not just another band from France they are a fucking amazing one,and sexy men which never hurts. I recently got their 2004 release Whatever happened to all our pioneers,and it is one of those entirely all to rare albums that I adore the entire way through,despite the fact that there are cats on the cover! I can't really think of any bands to compare them to,not to say that their sound is completely original I just don't really think that there is anyone else that I can compare them to. Feel free to let me know if I'm not hearing it. Either way enjoy some lovely synthy electro pop loveliness and buy their new album when it comes out,cuz I know I will.

babamars-champagne makes bubbles in my head

babamars-move on

babamars-extraordinary boy


i dont know what youre fighting for..

Think equal parts goldfrapp part the knife then sprinkle some ladytron on top, and you have one of my favorite bands marsheaux. Just love them,thanks!

marsheaux-love under pressure

marsheaux-what a lovely surprise

marsheaux-hanging on


you can dance if you want to

In these trying times of everyone trying to sound like daft punk and not being original, I applaud felix da housecat and his lovely new album for going a different route.Don't joke though,the album has its moments where you can hear the influence(like tweak). But the new must have electro/banger/rager he isn't trying to make, which is probably why most people don't love it,and I do. I hear more of a disco influence,from spacey to italo and everywhere else in between and there is even a stuart price moment. Either way, hope you enjoy these tracks and buy the album when it comes out(tommorow!!!!) despite the fact that isnt an electro gem.

Felix da Housecat-MovieDisco

Felix da Housecat-Its Your Move

Felix da Housecat-Tweak


back to the jams..

Forgive yesterdays rant,but its quite disappointing when my favorite producer ever decides to produce someone like seal's new album. Seriously.

Anyways this song is the fucking jam..lets go to space and dance to some disco there,and not listen to seal.

Muallem-Shanti Dance feat. The Droids (Nick Chacona Mix)


not even worth a title.

What is the point of having a hero if they are just going to fucking let you down. This song goes out to all of my former heros.


go down go down on..

Sometimes I really wish that I would have started this a loooooooooooooong time ago. I have a tendency to leave songs on certain computers and then no longer have acess to them,currently being an issue. Dessous-Chics are yet more electro yummyness hailing from france. I found out about them last year and you could still download all their songs,and back then they were even all in french!! Well anyways all that I can give you now are these.. hope you enjoy and if anyone knows a way that I can get them off my ipod let me know and I will share the rest of my wealth. Catherine Ferroyer Blanchard is also my fucking girl also french also loves black strobe and maybe might like tapes more than me!! Big ups to her for bringing back cassette singles.

dessous chics-deserve mix

catherine ferroyer blanchard-chanson d'amour (dessous chics remix)


i run a mile

Today I finally got around to taking the time to check out all the bands who have tried to add me recently on myspace and I came across this fucking amazing band. Neon kicks first off is amazing name for a band, then you add that they sound kinda like metric but with a bit more keyboards and someone totally different singing makes me love them automatically. That is an absolute travesty that they are unsigned so someone should get on that asap.

neon kicks-miles


its long overdue

Roisin Murphy needs no introduction and if she does, then you need to be slapped. She has a new album coming out soon and I cant be more excited. You should be too.
roisin murphy-overpowered (radio edit)

roisin murphy-let me know

roisin murphy-modern timing


as i was saying

I have been meaning to post about these lovely ladies for a while now. The Organ have already broken up which is the biggest bummer in the world, but they recently let us all know that they are going to be releasing an ep with unreleased tracks soon, so I figured this would be a good time to share them and hope you get into them to and buy their album as well as their ep when it comes out,whenever it does. I think the best description for them would be a cross between blondie and ladytron and something else really fancy that I cant think of right now. And they have awesome tshirts. Love them immediately please. Also check out the second season of the L word,i believe the first episode even,and you can see them playing live.

the organ-brother

the organ-steven smith

the organ-love,love,love

do it now.

vote here


music's by my side.

Palmyra Suicide hails from germany and is in part The WoLLium. Everyone should love both projects like I do. He is an amazing man and an even more amazing artist,he loves uffie and daft punk for fucks sake. Think some really amazing german electro and you still have no clue what you are in for.Enjoy.And get him a record deal so he can come play in LA.

palymrya suicide-love me

palymrya suicide-michelle

palmyra suicide-palmyra suicide


sometimes i think..

Today is just one of those days not enough sleep and drinking to much the night before with some really amazing people. Days like that always make me think of certain someones so this goes out to everyone who thinks of someone special after an amazing evening.

tracey thorn-its all true (escort remix)

moloko-i want you

thieves like us-to joy

thomas bangalter & dj falcon-so much love to give


we should never be apart

My friend at work introduced me to this lovely little band called the mary onettes and I cant stop listening to them now. They kinda remind me of what a sweedish joy division in their later days or early new order would sound like,but not in regards to the vocals,so dont quote me on that one. And really what more can you really ask of life, especially when its to hot to be dancing around everywhere.

the mary onettes-lost

the mary onettes-slow


its fucking hot

..and since i made the mistake of wearing jeans instead of shorts today you get this lovely electro-y gem...duh called the mistake. Enjoy with a nice cold glass of water.

Bleach Eatin Pimps-The Mistake (Pimps Lap It Up Mix)


THE new justice...

I seriously haven't been this excited about a group probably since I first heard justice. And to make it even 90913804981 times better one of them contacted me!! Fucking amazing. Anyways. Mathematikalwill remind you why you love/loved justice in the first place and are mad at them for not taking it to this level. They have a really fantastic remix of micheal jackson's billie jean which makes me want to learn how to spin asap just so I can play it for people.

mathematikal-this is plonk

micheal jackson-Billie Jean (Mathematikal Rerub)

about us..

DJ Colette is quite possibly the most amazing woman on the planet. And that is saying a lot coming from me. She sings when she spins and has the best set of pipes ever. Please please please go see her if she is ever in your hood,buy all her albums and enjoy these to gems, responsibly of course.

dj colette-whats wrong with being lonely

dj colette-what will she do for love


sometimes i do feel like a lucky girl!

Today however isnt one of those days. This is one of the only songs on the planet that makes me feel better no matter what.So heres to hoping someone elses day was just as crappy and this makes you feel as better as I do now.

dj mehdi-signatune (thomas bangalter<3333 edit)


la musique..

In honor of me finally getting to see riot in belguim tonite I am doing a post with nothing but jams/remixes from them. Explanation not needed.

riot in belguim-la musique

yelle-a cause des garçons (RIOT IN BELGIUM REMIX)

k.i.m.-wet n wild(riot in belgium remix)

..and if you are in the los angeles area tonite here is the info and rsvp link..


someone does care!!

This is daft punk's show from Brooklyn. The quality isn't the most amazing ever and the people talking throughout the show are just and example of why that seriously wasn't my favorite show but its ok because its still daft punk. Im just glad that I have the encore now. I guess now I have a crush on 2 people.

daft punk-alive in brooklyn


im in love dancing..

I dedicate this one to new york. Probably for many obvious reasons but mainly because I think me and joe heard this song about 4 times while being out and about and loosing our shit every time. I will also include the male version which we didn't hear to the best of my beer induced recollections. Big ups to all the djs that played it.

loose joints-is it all over my face (larry levan remix)

loose joints-is it all over my face (unreleased original full length version)

oh and i think larry levan and arthur russel would make the hottest couple ever.. who agrees??


love me if its only for a week

I am not really in the mood to share who this post is for, but this is my attempt to get over it. I guess I should have known better but thats ok, I have been trying to have hope lately and apparently I really don't need to.

Anyways alice smith is my fucking girl freeform five are my peeps so the 2 meeting up only sounds like heaven to my little ears. I dare you to not seriously dance when listening to this JAM.

Alice Smith-Love Endeavour (Freeform Five's Freeform Reform)

...and also check out my friends fancy new blog. its super fancy.


and shes back..

..if you really care to know about my trip hit me up and ask. Im super glad to be back home and have some fucked up shit to deal with now but whatever. Back to the music. And if you know anything about me,you know why I am in love with that bike.

Shocking Pinks are super awesome and on the dfa label and from new zeland. I actually haven't gotten around to buying of their stuff yet, but I get this fancy email about a free track so I had to share. It's not the best but its pretty cute. Their myspace page has cuter stuff so go there add them and love them.

Also get at me if you have an intrest in working on some remixes of awesome french synth music or know anyone who does.

shocking pinks-i want you back


im leaving..

..and despite the fact that I am visitng the other half of this blog I probably wont be posting to much. Maybe I will, but its not too likely since it will be my first time in ny. Anywhoo.. its finally not a lie, im coming!!! So in that honor here is my jam..

Laszlo Beckett & Steve Taylor More Lies


well are you..

This is one of those songs that makes being at work ok. There aren't enough songs in the world like this. I first heard this song a few days after the daft punk aftermath, and I immediately wrote the guy and he so kindly sent me a link to the song. So now I share it with you lovelies. Enjoy oh and add him for sure and lets all have a disco party asap.

(h)-r u coming


where the party at..

I should have a lot of words for saturday and what I experienced but I am not the best writer on the planet (shocking I know!!) so I am not going to ruin any way that I currently feel by trying to dissect it into the appropriate words. Lets just say I am more amazed than I thought that I could ever be.

I was really stoned on the way there and this song came on in my friend gil's car and reminded me just how much I love everything that ratatat touches as well as how fucking much crazy love that I have for biggie as well. ps if you want to get me that shirt I will do crazy things for you.

notorious b.i.g.-party and bullshit(ratatat remix)


the best picture ever!!

my super fancy friend gil took this on sat sorry that the countdown didn't get finished.


and then there were 3..

I believe this might be starting to get to an unhealthy point now, I haven't been this excited about anything in the longest time ever. As promised today's focus is discovery and since I was watching Interstella 5555 last nite,this is the perfect time.

daft punk-face to face (cosmo vitelli remix)

daft punk-digital love(boris dlugosh remix)

daft punk-face to face (demon remix)

daft punk-harder,better,faster,stronger(unreleased mix 1)


too amazing not to share..

I wont even write anything just go to my friends blog asap and download the track, and i d.a.r.e you to say stuart price had nothing to do with it.

4 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For today I have decided to use my favorite remixes from human after all tomorrow will feature discovery and thursday will feature homework. I will try to do a post on saturday but that might not be that likely unless someone wants to buy me a computer and send it to me before then. Enjoy as always.

daft punk-technologic (le knight club remix)

daft punk-technologic (digitalism highway to paris remix)

daft punk-human after all (alter ego remix)

daft punk-human after all (sebastiAn remix)

daft punk-human after all (guy man after all justice remix)

daft punk-robot rock (samuel remix)

daft punk-the primetime of your life (para one remix)