just dance.

While we are on the subject of recent amazing remixes, here comes another fabulous daft punk remix with fucking cowbells! It really doesn't get much better than this.
Thank _______ (fill in the blank) for villans.

daft punk-around the world (villans more cowbell edit)


dont let go

I didn't really think that there was any way that 2 hearts could be better. Apparently I was wrong,maybe. I do know that without a doubt that the twelves make everything better.

kylie minouge-2 hearts (the twelves remix)



I have always wondered why the german ladies in berlin are such fucking amazing techo artists. I still do not know the answer but this lovely lady is totally proving my point. And fancy that she is playing there on new years eve and for the first time ever I will be in the city of something really amazing that I need to see.

mia-can't find you



drunk in the sun

When I was walking to the train this morning I saw that lovely little sticker and at the same time this song came on, so I figured it was kind of a sign that I needed to finally but this song up today. Apparently there is something in the water in Sweeden that makes everyone that comes from there so god damn amazing. Dada life are no exception, they are in fact entirely too amazing and I lack the words to properly convey how amazing that they really are though so I wont. Just enjoy.

dada life-fun fun fun


gonna be your lover someday

I am pretty sure that any dk 7 releases are my some of fucking favorite of all releases in the world,I mean how could they not be.. anything that jesper touches is automatically a winner, then add that most of it was released on output and you have my complete and utter devotion. Everyone should rush out and purchase disarm, but be warned listening to it alone in the dark might not be the most comfortable experience ever!
dk 7-instone (get shakes remix)

dk 7-white shadow

dk 7-killer (lopazz remix)


we live our life..

I found a video of this this morning and seriously had the chills the whole time, and this is even better since its the entire song.Definitely a cover worthy of being a cover. Serious bitch slapping is needed if you don't like this. Still gonna help
matt?? ps thank you oh so kindly.

roisin murphy-standing in the way of control


go get it now

I think the one is probably just that.. the one album everyone needs to own this year. What every band hopes to be he does alone and sometimes with some help from other equally amazing people.

shinichi osawa-electro411

shinichi osawa-last days

shinichi osawa-foals (vocals by nelson0

..and just because im always stuck in early 90s dance music mode:

mighty dub katz-magic carpet ride '07 (shinichi osawa remix)