...to hang on to

And you get two posts in one day. I will add the links to the songs tommorow, but I wanted to be able to add them to the playlist for the evening so here are the jams of the year, again in order.

11. kasper bjorke-young again

10. simian mobile disco ft. beth ditto- cruel intentions

9. la roux- i'm not your toy

8. the golden filter-solid gold

7. zoot woman-saturation

6. saint etienne- method of modern love

5. metic- help i'm alive

4. yeah yeah yeahs-heads will roll

3. animal collective-my girls

2. annie-anthonio (designer drugs remix)

1. bat for lashes-daniel

...and since the song mentions this blog tiga's shoes must make it

and farewell to one of the worst years ever!!

all ive got is a memory..

So I know I said would be posting more, well I guess I'm a liar. I wont make any promises of the future, but I do promise to try! Anyways it took me about 3 weeks but I am finally done with my end of the year list of albums and since I'm not like the rest my list is eleven of each, and yes they are in favorite order.

11. royksopp- junior

The Girl And The Robot from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

10. the polyamorous affair- bolshevik disco


9. junior boys- begone dull care

Junior_Boys_-_Bits_And_Pieces from Emmanuelle References on Vimeo.

8. yeah yeah yeahs- it’s blitz

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll from Modular People on Vimeo.

7. autoKratz- ani-mal

Autokratz : Speak in silence (video contest) from purplehood on Vimeo.

6. tahiti 80- activity center (since technically this came out in america just this year, I think its allowed.)

Tahiti 80 "All Around" from SoLab on Vimeo.

5. marsheaux- luminez noir

4. the gossip- music for men

The Gossip "Heavy Cross" from Casanova Record on Vimeo.

3. the juan maclean-the future will come

The Juan Maclean - "One Day" from Patrick Longstreth on Vimeo.

2. zoot woman- things are what they used to be

Zoot Woman - Memory from Krebak on Vimeo.

1 miike snow- miike snow

Miike Snow - "Animal" from Downtown Music on Vimeo.



message worth replaying

....or rather in this case a song. Since I lost everything from my computer I now get to import my entire collection all over again. Fun!! Actually there is some fun to it, because I get to fall in love with some gems all over again. This song is from 2003 and still sounds fucking stunning. Cosmo vitelli recently toured with some artists from italians do it better in canada.. everyone light a candle that he joins their label..

cosmo vitelli-robot soul



It's been far to long, far to much drama but things are back now. I have made a promise to myself to get back on track and I cant think of a better first song to post. It really doesn't get better than a cut copy remix of the already amazing munk.


munk-back down (cut copy jackmaster remix)


give your eyes my view for a second

..finally a new zoot woman song. As we all know I live for stuart price. Lately he has been really disappointing me. He even did a lady caca remix that I refuse to acknowledge even exists. His work with zoot woman however never ever disappoints me and this is definitely no exception to that rule.

zoot woman-saturation

Why cant it be Aug 7 yet..whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


you thought you had something strong

Sometimes I wonder if i will ever get over Zdarlight so naturally this is going to be one of favorite songs ever. Im not a big fan of mash-ups in the slightest but the hood internet somehow manage to ALWAYS make it work. This being the perfect example. Chicago might be keeping me.

the hood internet-zdarlight deparment

I will give lykke half of my soul if she plays this version on friday. Someone get at her please.


should have taken acid with you

I am sure that when Phillipe Zdar first heard cut copy, he felt this happy. I dont really fall for the hype of bands that want to keep their identity a secret, but whatev its hard to find any faults with neon indian so this time its forgivable.

neon indian-should have taken acid iwth you

neon indian- 6669 (I dont know if you know)


can you feel my heart

So the new metric album is basically all i have been listening to for the past week. Seriously how the fuck is it fair that emily so effing cute. Enjoy a really cute remix of one of the best album openers this year..

metric-help i'm alive (the twelves remix)

ps thank god for rcrdlbl.com


zomg zomg zomg zomg

Ok something is really wrong with me if I cant make/find the time to post a blog about the show I have been waiting for, forever to finally hit my hood. Whatev. One day soon, ill be back to myself again.

Here is a classic kylie jam.
kylie minogue- i beleive in you (mylo remix)
Kylie Minogue North American Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thu 30th Sep Fox Theatre - Oakland (San Francisco Bay Area)

Sat 3rd Oct The Pearl 'Palms Resort & Casino' - Las Vegas, NV

Sun 4th Oct Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles, CA

Wed 7th Oct The Congress Theater - Chicago, IL

Fri 9th Oct Air Canada Centre - Toronto, ON

Sun 11th Oct Hammerstein Ballroom - NYC, NY


the fear is falling away

...so in theory this should be a match made in heaven for me. Actually anything that hands of god touch has a habbit of being heaven for me. Lately he has really been disappointing me which breaks my heart more than anything else ever has and probably will.

Anyways try to enjoy..

friendly fires- jump in the pool (thin white duke remix)


i will forget your face

I know its been a while and for that I apologize I really thought that since I finally got a computer I would be back to the old days, but I guess not. Last week was really disgusting. I think,actually I know I had a nasty drug hangover the whole week long. I still sometimes feel the waves. Anyways Im trying to move past it. If you care to read about my awful coachella experience you can do so here:http://blogs.myspace.com/flamingmuch . The one good thing that has come of it, is that I am now on the hunt for a new favorite festival, or maybe ill just travel more and go to different festivals all over, which brings me to another point. Lollapalooza ... this year.. ummm done!.. why the fuck was that not the coachella lineup I will never understand.. but whatev Im going and if anyone wants to let me and my friend sleep on their floor that would be real cute. Ill even make you tapes and or cupcakes.

Well its time for some music and in honor of me and my bestie not dancing together at coachella this year (yes it was that bad!!) I am putting up the song that we always dance to at home.

poni hoax-antibodies


work it...

another too good not leave its permanent mark moment.. this one is really really really good. .. if you read my blog you should love daft punk like i do so enjoy

click me click me

thanks best friend!!


i know you'll never make the call

..I am thrilled that they made a video for my fucking jam.. so thrilled that it needs to leave a permanent mark here..now if only any of the remixes were half as good as the original



im in love with a robot

Röyksopp are back with a new album. I really really really hope that they get added to coachella lineup for Sunday. Their new album junior is everything that we have all been waiting for. I really cant think of much more to say other than anyone song talking about being in love with a robot automatically has to be my JAM!!!!!

röyksopp-the girl and the robot (feat. robyn)

..and as an added bonus my most favorite remix of theirs..

fröst-endless love (röyksopp's analoge euromiks)


i give to the needy and not the greedy

So I had a whole different post, and then realized I already put that song up. Wow.WOW.

Since that has ruined my thought process enjoy some classics instead..

en vogue-my lovin' (you're never gonna get it)

moloko-sing it back (boris musical mix)

pajama party-yo no se


i was always thinking..

I have been blessed to have been able to see saint etienne twice now. They were fucking stunning both times and I have always thought I was extremely lucky for this.

They are re-releasing fox base alpha this year, the 18th anniversary of one of the best albums ever and in support of this their are touring the UK, and playing this album and some other classics. Words can not begin to describe my jealousy. Should there be any fans of mine in the UK here are the dates, I know one friend for sure going but anyone else.. this is mother-fucking MUST!!

saint etienne-only love can break your heart (masters at work dub)

saint etienne-only love can break your heart


give me more..

This is probably the cutest video I have seen in a while..someone who is someone please get them at coachella.


you are so good for me

Sometimes I forget just how much I love Stuart Price. Ok that is a lie, but like most people with lots of music I do forget about certain gems from time to time. I came across this fucking gem that I haven't listened to in a while. Apparently I'm on a New Order/Joy Division one this week. He even produced the original!! If you cant love the combination of New Order and the Greatest Man ever I don't know if there is hope for you,..

new order-jetstream feat. anna matronic (jacques lu cont remix)


love to the beat of the show

I have been waiting for this song, basically forever. I believe that there is no one that I would rather hear do a joy division cover. What makes it even better is that all the original artists picked the people to do their covers for the collection that this appears on.

hot chip-transmission yes... the joy division cover

Seriously. Dance to your radio.


one day..

The new juan maclean album is entireley to amazing for words,everything that a second album should be. Since I lack the correct words to fully explain how amazing it is, I will let the music speak for itself..

the juan maclean-one day

..and today anyone that missed me im back for good!!