if if aint broke remix it...

Going back to my gayness here. This might actually shock a whole slew of people that I like this song. I don't care to much for the original which can be heard here,even though it doesn't sound completely different,just dancey now. Cicada are also the shit so anything they do is completely great to my ears.On a side note this comes from the most expensive cd that I have ever purchased.enjoy.

thirteen senses-into the fire (cicada remix)


my first exclusive.

so i get this lovely email today:

Hi there,

I wanted to send you a link to a mix of our new record, ArtDontSleep Presents: From LA With Love, which came out June 5, 2007. We had the DJ, Kutmah do a mix of the entire record into an 18 minute version, exclusive for blogs.

I'd love your support on this project and help spread this wonderful music.

..so i figured that I didn't really have a choice, I have seen these flyers all over town and the idea seemed like a good one,plus the cover is really amazing. If I were more into hip hop or downtempo I think I would seriously be in love, but from what I hear this sounds like it would be a good album to have and get high too,and really I can't ask for much more. Either way enjoy the mix(high or not) and maybe go out and buy the cd
and rep something not completely superficial in los angeles.

DJ Kutmah-ArtDontSleep Presents: From LA With Love

i have never needed a helmet more in my entire life.

who the fuck wants to split this with me..

full story here

LED Effects, the company responsible for Daft Punk’s Discovery-era robot helmets, are offering the set for sale for $65,000, provided the buyer can get permission from the band.

These helmets were commissioned by the punk band Daft Punk for a music video. Over the years, LED Effects has received many inquiries from people who wanted to purchase their own helmet. Unfortunately, these helmets are custom designed stage props and cost over $14,000. While the helmets are reasonably simple in design, the cost of labor and materials make it impractical to mass produce and market them. In addition, Daft
Punk owns the copyright and concept rights to the helmets, so there may be additional licensing fees to pay. In short, yes, we can build you a helmet, but it will cost you thousands of dollars and take a year to produce. Here is how the helmets were made:
1. A model shop cast the face of the musician. This was used to create a bust which was
used as a template for the design.
2. The next step was to modify a motorcycle helmet. The body was cut away to allow for
cables and electronics. Two pin holes were provided so the wearer could see out.
3. Clay models were created for all the unique parts. This included a back pack and an arm
band controller.
4. Electronic displays were designed using prototype PC board materials.
5. The LED display panels were assembled by placing each LED one-by-one into a plastic
sheet and glued into place. Each LED required three feet of wiring to connect it to power
and control circuitry. The finished panel was bolted to the helmet frame.
6. The LED cabling was routed around the “ears” of the helmet and out the back. The
helmet cables led down to the backpack where the main controller board was located.
7. The system was originally powered by batteries, but this was later switched over to a
power cord system.
8. The control keypad on the armband was a custom manufactured PC board.
9. Exterior plastic molding and finishing materials were custom manufactured by a special
effects studio to complete the helmet. Once these pieces were added, the helmet details
were touched up with paint.
The helmets were used to produce a music video. As far as we are aware, the units are
still in use for performances.

led website

thanks courtney!!!!!!


what is love..

Everytime I hear a new feist remix, I start to think that I actually like her. Then I hear the original and am reminded again why I don't. She does get some props though for allowing some amazing people to remix her,making her music more appealing to various different people,like myself,so big ups to you girl!! On a side note every single van she tech remix is totally amazing especially their version of around the world.

feist-1 2 3 4 (van she tech remix)


fire drills are a waste of time.

If you like vitalic you will probably like goldwing,maybe I am wrong but either way this song is the jam.

goldwing- earth junkie


when nothing works at work,why should I??

I probably hate mashups more than anyone that I know, but this is one that is seriously amazing.I know I wont be alone in thinking that and if I am, you smell.

white girl lust-psycho killa (daft mix)

you really got me.

Still not feeling it,this song isn't making me feel better but it is making me dance therefore it is amazing. Enjoy.
artist unknown-Set your body free (Crookers remix)


kind of amazing.

Im in a terrible mood and am not going to write anything because it will be nothing but hate,this song however is helping a little bit,so cop it and save it for the day when you are as over humans as I am.

sam sparro - back to black 2 gold


one more time

According to my friend jack I need to post more, and I am beyond excited today because of the news that I posted about below so no better time than the present to share this particular gem.

daft punk-one more time(daft unreleased dub)

ps if you want to get me those lil dolls i will do anything for you.ANYTHING.


So I was being my usual daft punk stalker self today and was looking at their profile.. and i see this :
JUNE 29, 2007
New Beverly Cinema
7165 Beverly Blvd.
Friday June 29th at 11:59 pm
Tickets $5 available at the door
300 person capacity

.....yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.. fuck all you west coast haters,cuz finally we get somethign good.


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dont change for me

This song is amazing and I can't think of anything else to say about it.Here is his myspace and holy shit is he sexy.
ryan davis-transformer
oh and i found a video for my jam.


its been too long

..and for that I apologize,but trying to write a blog while extremely hungover and you don't even feel like living/or aren't near a computer isn't fun at all. This year was possibly the best birthday ever,which was totally unexpected but very much necessary nonetheless. Back to the music.

I was riding the train to work today,and it was one of those days where everything that came on my ipod was fucking amazing(aren't those days the best!!) and I reemmeber getting this song and not knowing anything about the artist but anyone who features annie automatically gets lots of love from me. I still dont know much about ercola,if you do please fucking school me. Anyways this song is the fucking jam and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and do..

ercola featuring annie-follow me (lifelike mix)