i know you'll never make the call

..I am thrilled that they made a video for my fucking jam.. so thrilled that it needs to leave a permanent mark here..now if only any of the remixes were half as good as the original



im in love with a robot

Röyksopp are back with a new album. I really really really hope that they get added to coachella lineup for Sunday. Their new album junior is everything that we have all been waiting for. I really cant think of much more to say other than anyone song talking about being in love with a robot automatically has to be my JAM!!!!!

röyksopp-the girl and the robot (feat. robyn)

..and as an added bonus my most favorite remix of theirs..

fröst-endless love (röyksopp's analoge euromiks)


i give to the needy and not the greedy

So I had a whole different post, and then realized I already put that song up. Wow.WOW.

Since that has ruined my thought process enjoy some classics instead..

en vogue-my lovin' (you're never gonna get it)

moloko-sing it back (boris musical mix)

pajama party-yo no se