feeling lonely

If there is a standout album of 2008 so far for me it would have to be a tie between miss kittin-batbox or hercules and love affair-s/t. I am sure that once I get the cut copy and presets albums there might be a slight change of opinion, or the list just may grow but for now those are it for me. I have already loved on miss kittin so now its hercules's turn. We all know and love the song blind, and we all know and love the dfa so really how could this be wrong. Anyone who takes a boring song like goldfrapp's a&e and makes it this fucking cute has to get a little piece of my heart. So let them know and I will mail it immediately.

hercules and love affair-athene

hercules and love affair-classique2

goldfrapp-a&e(hercules and love affair remix)


be my baby one more time..

I pretty much live for anything that cut copy does. Their new stuff is no exception at all in fact I have been stuck on it for a looooooooong time. How the fuck can I being not be in love with a band that starts their shows by playing daft punk, and then says one more time in a song ??????

cut copy-lights and music

cut copy-lights and music(superdiscount remix)


fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

The only thing making this sunday ok, is that I am listening to !!!. How appropriate that the song has sunday in the title,and the time that I should have woken up for workn. Now if only I were at home today would be oh so much better. Also enjoy one of the best maurice fulton remixes ever.

!!!-sunday 5:17 am

!!!-pardon my freedom (maurice fulton instrumental mix)


my head hurts

Fischerspooner are back with a really great track on the latest kitsune compilation. Lets hope that they go back to being dramatic instead of trying to be taken seriously. The single has some really great mixes to. Im feeling generous so take them all even the original.

fischerspooner-the best revenge

fischerspooner-the best revenge(autokratz righteous retribution mix)

fischerspooner-the best revenge(alex gopher retaliation remix)


i really want to kick it with you.

Thank god for Scuola Furano. Sometimes I think that they are living inside my head. The only bad thing about this song, they completley removed. Oh how I love theee.

estelle-american boy(fireworks and tears scuola furano remix)


never ever ever..

This is a fucking stunning track, but we should never ever ever destroy the cowbell.

robot noize-destroy cowbells

i am moving to berlin.

Fuck you america. Gomma is seriously one of my favorite labels, enjoy these fucking gems.

munk-mein schatzi(zongamin remix)

headman-running into time


got some piece of mind

I wish that once someone was no longer a part of my life, that it meant that I never thought about them again. Unfortunately this is not the case and this song will always remind me of you, even though you probably don't remember why and probably don't even read my blog. Well I remember and I miss you.

cassius-toop toop (cassius reggae rock remix)

There is nothing reggae at all about this stunning remix, so enjoy it but don't let it remind you of anyone.


love will reign supreme

Happy day to tell the one you love, that you love them. Despite my feelings about the day the ever so fabulous mobius band have put out an ep of love covers for FREE on their website. You should do yourself a favor and go and grab them. Since they covered one of favorite daft punk jams, that is what i will be sharing but the rest might be better or might not be. You be the judge.

mobius band-digital love

P.S tell the the person that you love, that you love them everyday, not just today. Please!!



ce jeu

I am pretty sure that not one week will go by without an amazing new remix from the tweleves.

yelle-ce jeu (the twelves remix)


i was dancer all along

As I hope you are well aware, I am completly in love with all things sweedish. Lykke Li is no exception to that. I have posted a track by her before, but now its time for some more. I hope you enjoy and fall a lot of bits in love with her to.

ps: Im pretty sure that I need to start rocking a ponytail like that to.

lykke li-im good,im gone

lykee li-complaint department


i live to give

The whip's album x mark destination, has been pretty much the only thing I have been listening to since I got it. I can't think of anything to compare it to, because I haven't fallen this hard for an album in a really long time and that is saying a lot in itself. They combine everything I love about music all into 10 fucking amazing songs that never disappoint. I will give any dj in the world the biggest hug ever if they play divebomb,hello it's even on Kitsuné.

As as added bonus please enjoy the great remix they did of the black ghosts.

the whip-throw it in the fire

the whip-divebomb

the black ghosts-any way you choose to give it (the whip remix)

Pre-order this immediately!!!

rain rain go away

I was not aware that LA had become the new Seattle. This on and off rain shit needs to stop,yes I'm sure its great for the earth blah blah blah, but I take the train and walk so I need the rain to stop at least during the times of my walking. On the plus side the rain motivates me to make tapes, so if you fancy a tape this would be the time to ask.

This is probably my favorite song with the rain in it. Do yourself a favor and get the bejamin diamond version, if I remember I will post it tommorow.

oran juice jones-the rain

I'm not feeling work today either, so maybe I will just make a rain playlist later.