hard work is never over..

i was totally there..with my fucking husband <33 if only one of us had a video camera


its a war..

..this song made walking to work tolerable today, if you have an 8 minute walk to work i would highly recommend putting this song on before starting off any day.

Be warned though you probably will start dancing down the street and get looked or honked at.

kano-it's a war (serge santiago & tom neville's instrumental remix)

web candies..

I seriously cant get enough of them, and apparently they cant get enough of spreading their love to my (and your) ears.

scuola furano-boumba


i woke up this morning..

And couldn't stop thinking of this song. I'm just glad i'm not a pretty girl, I don't know what I would do if I couldn't dance.

felix da housecat-pretty girls don't dance(what should i do)


just want to make it clear..

We all have people in our lives who really need to go away. This goes out to all of them and everyone with the capability to let them go.

royksopp-go away


i am in love.

This is the most amazing blog ever,i think I am going to stop now,because I will never ever be that fucking amazing. Seriously.

disco workout


back with a punch.

..and just when my love for stuart and justice was starting to die, this fucking gem comes out. I never thought that anything would top the mstrkrft remix,but I stand happily corrected. If only he would come out with a new lrd album,my life will have meaning again. Seriously though,him and I need to meet.

justice-d.a.n.c.e (les rythmes digitales remix)

big ups to donnie and stereogum for allowing me to have this.


give you all my love

We all know and love new young pony club as well as mstrkrft, so I really dont think that much needs to be said about this fantastic remix.

new young pony club-get dancey(mstrkrft remix)

you can never have enough electro..

Metro Electro is the latest proof of that. Great way to start off a wednesday morning!!

metro electro-fashion II and III


all that she wants..

Scuola furano have a new song,and as usual its fucking amazing. Can't ever say enough about these lovely men. Fucking ace of base for fucks sake!

scuola furano-saxada


she probably is..

Jean Grae is one of the all to rare intelligent hip hoppers. It may come as a shock but I do like some hip hop. She has a bunch of new songs on her page that you can download that are new songs over old beats, you should download(im to lazy to make links,and this is my 2nd post today!!) them now, add her, and subscribe to her blogs so you can see just how amazing she really is.

i dream about getting down

Babamars are not just another band from France they are a fucking amazing one,and sexy men which never hurts. I recently got their 2004 release Whatever happened to all our pioneers,and it is one of those entirely all to rare albums that I adore the entire way through,despite the fact that there are cats on the cover! I can't really think of any bands to compare them to,not to say that their sound is completely original I just don't really think that there is anyone else that I can compare them to. Feel free to let me know if I'm not hearing it. Either way enjoy some lovely synthy electro pop loveliness and buy their new album when it comes out,cuz I know I will.

babamars-champagne makes bubbles in my head

babamars-move on

babamars-extraordinary boy


i dont know what youre fighting for..

Think equal parts goldfrapp part the knife then sprinkle some ladytron on top, and you have one of my favorite bands marsheaux. Just love them,thanks!

marsheaux-love under pressure

marsheaux-what a lovely surprise

marsheaux-hanging on


you can dance if you want to

In these trying times of everyone trying to sound like daft punk and not being original, I applaud felix da housecat and his lovely new album for going a different route.Don't joke though,the album has its moments where you can hear the influence(like tweak). But the new must have electro/banger/rager he isn't trying to make, which is probably why most people don't love it,and I do. I hear more of a disco influence,from spacey to italo and everywhere else in between and there is even a stuart price moment. Either way, hope you enjoy these tracks and buy the album when it comes out(tommorow!!!!) despite the fact that isnt an electro gem.

Felix da Housecat-MovieDisco

Felix da Housecat-Its Your Move

Felix da Housecat-Tweak