well are you..

This is one of those songs that makes being at work ok. There aren't enough songs in the world like this. I first heard this song a few days after the daft punk aftermath, and I immediately wrote the guy and he so kindly sent me a link to the song. So now I share it with you lovelies. Enjoy oh and add him for sure and lets all have a disco party asap.

(h)-r u coming


where the party at..

I should have a lot of words for saturday and what I experienced but I am not the best writer on the planet (shocking I know!!) so I am not going to ruin any way that I currently feel by trying to dissect it into the appropriate words. Lets just say I am more amazed than I thought that I could ever be.

I was really stoned on the way there and this song came on in my friend gil's car and reminded me just how much I love everything that ratatat touches as well as how fucking much crazy love that I have for biggie as well. ps if you want to get me that shirt I will do crazy things for you.

notorious b.i.g.-party and bullshit(ratatat remix)


the best picture ever!!

my super fancy friend gil took this on sat sorry that the countdown didn't get finished.


and then there were 3..

I believe this might be starting to get to an unhealthy point now, I haven't been this excited about anything in the longest time ever. As promised today's focus is discovery and since I was watching Interstella 5555 last nite,this is the perfect time.

daft punk-face to face (cosmo vitelli remix)

daft punk-digital love(boris dlugosh remix)

daft punk-face to face (demon remix)

daft punk-harder,better,faster,stronger(unreleased mix 1)


too amazing not to share..

I wont even write anything just go to my friends blog asap and download the track, and i d.a.r.e you to say stuart price had nothing to do with it.

4 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For today I have decided to use my favorite remixes from human after all tomorrow will feature discovery and thursday will feature homework. I will try to do a post on saturday but that might not be that likely unless someone wants to buy me a computer and send it to me before then. Enjoy as always.

daft punk-technologic (le knight club remix)

daft punk-technologic (digitalism highway to paris remix)

daft punk-human after all (alter ego remix)

daft punk-human after all (sebastiAn remix)

daft punk-human after all (guy man after all justice remix)

daft punk-robot rock (samuel remix)

daft punk-the primetime of your life (para one remix)


This is up here for 2 reasons,which both happened to happen on the same day causing way to much drinking and not coming to work yesterday.

new order-bizarre love triangle


and then there were 6

No words will ever be needed for this one,unless of course the time is right.

daft punk-digital love

daft punk-digital dub


on the 4th day...

Mr oizo was fucking amazing last nite. He played short circuit so in his honor that is going to be the jam for today. I also learned last nite that way to my heart is with some fancy footwork,so if you want in now you know. Hopefully someone does.

daft punk-short circuit

..oh and I can't beleive i forgot this part, apparently the la show will be the show they use for the dvd Alive 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



why is your bedroom so cold..

This wonderful joy division song needs no introduction. I have been feeling kinda sad lately and have had the nouvelle vague version in my head for a few days,don't ask me why but I swore that it was morcheeba,wrong again!! The slumber party version is also very cute. Hopefully if you are feeling sad these will make you feel better as well.

joy divison-love will tear us apart

slumber party-love will tear us apart

nouvelle vauge-love will tear us apart

on the second day of..

This is my favorite song from the daft club cd,which came with the best cards in the whole wide world even though they didn't really do all that much. I am a proud member of the daft club and wouldn't have that any other way.

daft punk-aerodynamite


on the first day of....

This is shock,I know,but I fucking love daft punk possibly even live for them. I get to see them in 12 days (and again a few more times following that) but since that one is the first and in my hometown the official countdown starts now. I will try do post more than once a day as to not wear you out on the punk,as if that is possible but either way enjoy.

daft punk-new wave(edit)


by no means is this new

..but from time to time I stumble upon a jam that I sometimes forget about. This song is no exception. This was apparently a huge hit in the uk in 2001 which makes me want to move even more,I would love to hear this song everywhere.Jean Jacques Smoothie kinda confirms that anyone with the name jacques has to be amazing. I also can think of a perfect moment in time when this song should be playing,and will do everything in my power for that to be the case.


jean jacques smoothie-2 people

there is also a really amazing dance performance of it here

..if anyone can locate the real video i might bear children for you.


why must everything in french be so amazing..

..and why am I not french,is the real question or rather in france. If you want to donate to my moving fund hit me up. DELICE ARTIFICE are definitely amazing..i imagine that if MSTRKRFT would rap in french this is probably what they would sound like,so I had to love them.


thanks to someone special for pointing out that they aren't from france..however i still wish i was