THE new justice...

I seriously haven't been this excited about a group probably since I first heard justice. And to make it even 90913804981 times better one of them contacted me!! Fucking amazing. Anyways. Mathematikalwill remind you why you love/loved justice in the first place and are mad at them for not taking it to this level. They have a really fantastic remix of micheal jackson's billie jean which makes me want to learn how to spin asap just so I can play it for people.

mathematikal-this is plonk

micheal jackson-Billie Jean (Mathematikal Rerub)

about us..

DJ Colette is quite possibly the most amazing woman on the planet. And that is saying a lot coming from me. She sings when she spins and has the best set of pipes ever. Please please please go see her if she is ever in your hood,buy all her albums and enjoy these to gems, responsibly of course.

dj colette-whats wrong with being lonely

dj colette-what will she do for love


sometimes i do feel like a lucky girl!

Today however isnt one of those days. This is one of the only songs on the planet that makes me feel better no matter what.So heres to hoping someone elses day was just as crappy and this makes you feel as better as I do now.

dj mehdi-signatune (thomas bangalter<3333 edit)


la musique..

In honor of me finally getting to see riot in belguim tonite I am doing a post with nothing but jams/remixes from them. Explanation not needed.

riot in belguim-la musique

yelle-a cause des garçons (RIOT IN BELGIUM REMIX)

k.i.m.-wet n wild(riot in belgium remix)

..and if you are in the los angeles area tonite here is the info and rsvp link..


someone does care!!

This is daft punk's show from Brooklyn. The quality isn't the most amazing ever and the people talking throughout the show are just and example of why that seriously wasn't my favorite show but its ok because its still daft punk. Im just glad that I have the encore now. I guess now I have a crush on 2 people.

daft punk-alive in brooklyn


im in love dancing..

I dedicate this one to new york. Probably for many obvious reasons but mainly because I think me and joe heard this song about 4 times while being out and about and loosing our shit every time. I will also include the male version which we didn't hear to the best of my beer induced recollections. Big ups to all the djs that played it.

loose joints-is it all over my face (larry levan remix)

loose joints-is it all over my face (unreleased original full length version)

oh and i think larry levan and arthur russel would make the hottest couple ever.. who agrees??


love me if its only for a week

I am not really in the mood to share who this post is for, but this is my attempt to get over it. I guess I should have known better but thats ok, I have been trying to have hope lately and apparently I really don't need to.

Anyways alice smith is my fucking girl freeform five are my peeps so the 2 meeting up only sounds like heaven to my little ears. I dare you to not seriously dance when listening to this JAM.

Alice Smith-Love Endeavour (Freeform Five's Freeform Reform)

...and also check out my friends fancy new blog. its super fancy.


and shes back..

..if you really care to know about my trip hit me up and ask. Im super glad to be back home and have some fucked up shit to deal with now but whatever. Back to the music. And if you know anything about me,you know why I am in love with that bike.

Shocking Pinks are super awesome and on the dfa label and from new zeland. I actually haven't gotten around to buying of their stuff yet, but I get this fancy email about a free track so I had to share. It's not the best but its pretty cute. Their myspace page has cuter stuff so go there add them and love them.

Also get at me if you have an intrest in working on some remixes of awesome french synth music or know anyone who does.

shocking pinks-i want you back


im leaving..

..and despite the fact that I am visitng the other half of this blog I probably wont be posting to much. Maybe I will, but its not too likely since it will be my first time in ny. Anywhoo.. its finally not a lie, im coming!!! So in that honor here is my jam..

Laszlo Beckett & Steve Taylor More Lies