sometimes you shine

This sounds like the best empire of the sun song that will probably never exist. But oh, how I wish that it did.

pnau-with you forever (fm attack remix)


touch me before we freak out

The new headman album is super fucking amazing. Seriously 2010 are you ever going to stop??? I surely hope not!!


my drinking is killing me

Clearly, I would love this song and clearly, you should too.

robyn-don't fucking tell me what to do


caught between the day and night

For far too long of a period in my life, I have forgotten about how much I love this song.

Thanks clarabelle.



you could write me a love letter, but there's nothing to say

I seriously just stopped listening to this song morning noon and night and now this comes out. Classixx remixes are totally the way to my heart.

groove armada-paper romance (classixx version)


last nite you fell asleep by my siiide

Ok seriously if you dont love this song your ears are clearly flawed. And for far to many obvious reasons I am currently living for this gem. thanks matt

fm attack-memorex


you should see miiiiiine

If neil tennant sang in german i think it would be a) waaaaaaaaaaaay to fucking sexy and b) probably sound a little like this.

die sterne-deine pläne


there really is

Had a really good nite last nite, which is rare for me in this city. I suppose when the music is great enough you can close your eyes and pretend to be anywhere.

u.s.e.-there's always music