dust to dust

Everyday I think that I have a new favorite country and today, well for now at least it just might be argentina. I posted a track by (h) a while back. Now he's kind enough to share with me a new track by ricky y rulo and its more stunning than the last time.

ricky y rulo-eternal dust

To the asshole who didnt like it last time, you can stop reading my blog now.


mind the void

Switzerland might be replacing sweeden's spot in my heart. Ok that might actually never happen, but they sure are coming up. Love Motel are certainly a good case in point of that theory. I got this lovely package of remixes sent to me. Enjoy my favorite.

love motel-cosmic love(anderson vila nova remix)


new ratatat!!!

Sadly the excitment ends after you say new. Im not to sure how I'm feeling about these hopefully something better will be coming out soon. There bjork remix was very disapointing too hopefully they are not over being so fucking great. That would be a sad day indeed.




you got me begging

I am such a shithead, this song was supposed to be the first song that i posted upon my return. Anyways, as always the fucking amazing/stunning/sexy mathematikal have made yet another great song 129381720982049123 times better. Enjoy!

duffy-mercy (mathematikal edit)


im everything you need

I went music shopping the other day, and came across this gem that I kinda slept on. But since it is released on !k7,and was super cheap there was no time like the present. The cd hasn't left my cd player since I got it and yes I said my cd player.

Michael Fakesch is german,of course, he also used to be one half of funkstörung who are also exremely amazing. His lovely album dos is what I and probably most of the world wish prince was still pulling off. Actually I think that if prince would have stayed amazing he might sound a little something like this, with some jamie lidell mixed in for added pleasure. Hope you enjoy these gems!!

michael fakesch-escalate

michael fakesch-i want it

And a special little gift from another fucking stunning cd, his remix of booka shade's classic mandarine girl..

booka shade-mandarine girl (fakesh remix)