this girls in love.

I have given my job my two week notice, and since I am probably the only "blogger" who doesnt have their own computer, posting will be on hiatus for a while. In my efforts to try and make up for that I will try to do as many posts as i can today, and you can just pretend they are newly updated. Unless someone wants to buy me a computer, and I will love you forever if you do.

Today will start out with a fucking stunning presets remix. Lifelike is always super cute, and you mix up the presets with that and its kinda like heaven for your ears. I hope that your legs dont hurt, cuz this track WILL make you dance.

the presets-this boys in love (lifelike remix)


you give me the chills

Who the fuck ever thought that peter bjorn and john's the chills could be better? Not me!! Thank you thieves like us for proving me wrong since I love it oh so much..

peter bjorn and john-the chills (thieves like us remix)

also i am adding my favorite remix maybe ever.
peter bjorn and john-lets call it off (girl talk remix)


hes back!

Today is the best day of my life, because I get to share this fucking gift with you fucking lucky lovely bastards. The very first blog that I ever read, which in turn probably had some effect on me having a blog too is doing a special post,here of all places!!! Yes that is right he is back from ????? Yay!!!

It’s been a while since I last showed my face, figuratively speaking, in blog-world, having ex-communicated myself & my blog sometime back, and it’s a lonely existence out here without it, something akin to LV-314 from Alien. Then a ray of light pierced the dense fog!*! Salvation in the form of Zandra and her ace blog here, so once offered the chance of a guest post, I jumped at the opportunity, only problem was, what to post? Something super-special was called for!*! So after many hours trawling the archives I found something that I felt mirrored the no-nonsense, non-beard stroking vibe this blog stands-for!*! Now before this becomes too much like a blog love-in, some music me thinks. How’s about some Kissy Sell Out? It’s not new, but I’ve not spied it elsewhere, so here it is. Time to cold-rock the party Kissy Sell Out style, with a helping hand from a couple of dapper gents by the name of George and Andy (proper rock & roll names!*!).

So thanks again to Zandra for being so gracious as to allow me to hijack normal proceedings round here, and I hope the track meets with your approval!*!


Scott (Birth School Work Death)

kissy sell out - get busy tropicana


things about to change..

Fröst have always been super cute,their new album is a little bit more techno-ish so I am really feeling it. Their last album had a fucking stunning royksopp remix and this one has an equally amazing skatebard remix. Life doesn't get much better.

fröst-one hundred years(skatebard remix)


fröst-free your heart


dont pretend you have no clue

Kimono kops sounds like being in love or at least what being in love should sound like. If everyone made music like this, the world would be a much happier and better place. Since they don't we have to settle for the little gems that come our way and treasure them like gold. I know I sure will/do.

kimono kops-eine lesbische uebung

sally shapiro-hold me so tight(kimono kops)


tell me what to swallow

Crystal castles are entirely to cute. I am sure that we all already know and love them, if you don't well shame on you. If I thought it was right to put the whole album up here I would have,but since it isn't enjoy some of my favorites,which were very hard to select.

crystal castles-magic spells ...my favorite!!

crystal castles-vanished

crystal castles-untrust us

and a fancy little bonus

liars-it fit when i was a kit(crystal castles remix)


you can't survive on ice cream

I completely disagree, i think if you can survive on ice cream but that is neither here nor there. The kills have never been my absolute favorite but their new album is seriously fucking amazing. Then when my favorite justice replacements remix the jam, it only makes it a fucking million times better!

the kills-cheap and cheerful

the kills-cheap and cheerful(mathematikal rerub


dont tell me your lies

Here i present the new and improved version of css. We all know and love them, now it is time to all know and love kronx. Immediately. If I wasn't already moving to berlin, brazil might be my next choice after sweeden of course.

kronx-i'll wait

kronx-charlie's theme


three times the same song

Love is all are a really fucking amazing band from sweeden (what a shock!) They had a great album and then came out with an even greater remix album. Both are must own albums like 95% of all music from sweeden.

love is all-busy doing nothing

love is all-busy doing nothing (optimo remix)

love is all-busy doing nothing(tapedecic remix)

.. and on a sidenote,being the stoner that I am I completely forgot to do a ONE YEAR post. Yes it had been a year on the 22nd of february. I had a tape planned and everything.


long way down

I should be so lucky as to continue the torch. One of my first favorite blogs(rip) introduced me to plimsouls, and now I hopefully and cheerfully get to do the same. What an honor.


plimsouls-plimsouls theme