the fear is falling away

...so in theory this should be a match made in heaven for me. Actually anything that hands of god touch has a habbit of being heaven for me. Lately he has really been disappointing me which breaks my heart more than anything else ever has and probably will.

Anyways try to enjoy..

friendly fires- jump in the pool (thin white duke remix)


i will forget your face

I know its been a while and for that I apologize I really thought that since I finally got a computer I would be back to the old days, but I guess not. Last week was really disgusting. I think,actually I know I had a nasty drug hangover the whole week long. I still sometimes feel the waves. Anyways Im trying to move past it. If you care to read about my awful coachella experience you can do so here:http://blogs.myspace.com/flamingmuch . The one good thing that has come of it, is that I am now on the hunt for a new favorite festival, or maybe ill just travel more and go to different festivals all over, which brings me to another point. Lollapalooza ... this year.. ummm done!.. why the fuck was that not the coachella lineup I will never understand.. but whatev Im going and if anyone wants to let me and my friend sleep on their floor that would be real cute. Ill even make you tapes and or cupcakes.

Well its time for some music and in honor of me and my bestie not dancing together at coachella this year (yes it was that bad!!) I am putting up the song that we always dance to at home.

poni hoax-antibodies


work it...

another too good not leave its permanent mark moment.. this one is really really really good. .. if you read my blog you should love daft punk like i do so enjoy

click me click me

thanks best friend!!