here is when we shout

As a general statement I find it extremely difficult to make cut copy sound better. These gems actually do make this song better, i believe i may be in love with the first one more than the original! Who knew that was possible..

cut copy-far away(golden filter remix)

cut copy-far away(hercules & love affair remix)


This is a must own ep.


im saying all the things you know i'd like.

I am well aware that it is extremely tacky that I not only like the original version, but have it on vinyl. Any chance I get to listen to this song and not seem as tacky is a wonderful day indeed.

The black ghosts make like worth living right super friend?

the black ghosts-lets get physical

you stole me away

This is the last song that I will ever allow myself to remind me of you. I really wish that it could have been different, but it isnt.



i used to think that the day would never come..

...that someone finally does a good zoot woman remix,especially of its automatic aka one of the loveliest songs in the world. Im sure im a complete asshole but I dont even like most paper faces remixes, and we all know how I live for anything that stuart touches. Anyways big ups to stadkind on this massive acomplishment, I hope I can help you gain a few more fans, myself already included.

zoot woman- its automatic (stadTkind remix)


ill be yours forever

The walter meego album, is one that everyone should rush out and buy. I know we have all been dreaming of this album for years. They really can make you excited.

walter meego-letting go

walter meego-forever


dont forget that we were there

There are now quite a few good reasons to say that you are from L.A. Whenever I get the chance to showcase those artists I gladly do. Love Grenades is definetly high up there on that list. She is fucking beautiful has a beautiful voice, dances and drinks!! Why are her and I not homies is all I really want to know.

love grenades-young lovers

love grenades-young lovers (sam sparro remix)


dust to dust

Everyday I think that I have a new favorite country and today, well for now at least it just might be argentina. I posted a track by (h) a while back. Now he's kind enough to share with me a new track by ricky y rulo and its more stunning than the last time.

ricky y rulo-eternal dust

To the asshole who didnt like it last time, you can stop reading my blog now.


mind the void

Switzerland might be replacing sweeden's spot in my heart. Ok that might actually never happen, but they sure are coming up. Love Motel are certainly a good case in point of that theory. I got this lovely package of remixes sent to me. Enjoy my favorite.

love motel-cosmic love(anderson vila nova remix)


new ratatat!!!

Sadly the excitment ends after you say new. Im not to sure how I'm feeling about these hopefully something better will be coming out soon. There bjork remix was very disapointing too hopefully they are not over being so fucking great. That would be a sad day indeed.




you got me begging

I am such a shithead, this song was supposed to be the first song that i posted upon my return. Anyways, as always the fucking amazing/stunning/sexy mathematikal have made yet another great song 129381720982049123 times better. Enjoy!

duffy-mercy (mathematikal edit)


im everything you need

I went music shopping the other day, and came across this gem that I kinda slept on. But since it is released on !k7,and was super cheap there was no time like the present. The cd hasn't left my cd player since I got it and yes I said my cd player.

Michael Fakesch is german,of course, he also used to be one half of funkstörung who are also exremely amazing. His lovely album dos is what I and probably most of the world wish prince was still pulling off. Actually I think that if prince would have stayed amazing he might sound a little something like this, with some jamie lidell mixed in for added pleasure. Hope you enjoy these gems!!

michael fakesch-escalate

michael fakesch-i want it

And a special little gift from another fucking stunning cd, his remix of booka shade's classic mandarine girl..

booka shade-mandarine girl (fakesh remix)


this girls in love.

I have given my job my two week notice, and since I am probably the only "blogger" who doesnt have their own computer, posting will be on hiatus for a while. In my efforts to try and make up for that I will try to do as many posts as i can today, and you can just pretend they are newly updated. Unless someone wants to buy me a computer, and I will love you forever if you do.

Today will start out with a fucking stunning presets remix. Lifelike is always super cute, and you mix up the presets with that and its kinda like heaven for your ears. I hope that your legs dont hurt, cuz this track WILL make you dance.

the presets-this boys in love (lifelike remix)


you give me the chills

Who the fuck ever thought that peter bjorn and john's the chills could be better? Not me!! Thank you thieves like us for proving me wrong since I love it oh so much..

peter bjorn and john-the chills (thieves like us remix)

also i am adding my favorite remix maybe ever.
peter bjorn and john-lets call it off (girl talk remix)


hes back!

Today is the best day of my life, because I get to share this fucking gift with you fucking lucky lovely bastards. The very first blog that I ever read, which in turn probably had some effect on me having a blog too is doing a special post,here of all places!!! Yes that is right he is back from ????? Yay!!!

It’s been a while since I last showed my face, figuratively speaking, in blog-world, having ex-communicated myself & my blog sometime back, and it’s a lonely existence out here without it, something akin to LV-314 from Alien. Then a ray of light pierced the dense fog!*! Salvation in the form of Zandra and her ace blog here, so once offered the chance of a guest post, I jumped at the opportunity, only problem was, what to post? Something super-special was called for!*! So after many hours trawling the archives I found something that I felt mirrored the no-nonsense, non-beard stroking vibe this blog stands-for!*! Now before this becomes too much like a blog love-in, some music me thinks. How’s about some Kissy Sell Out? It’s not new, but I’ve not spied it elsewhere, so here it is. Time to cold-rock the party Kissy Sell Out style, with a helping hand from a couple of dapper gents by the name of George and Andy (proper rock & roll names!*!).

So thanks again to Zandra for being so gracious as to allow me to hijack normal proceedings round here, and I hope the track meets with your approval!*!


Scott (Birth School Work Death)

kissy sell out - get busy tropicana


things about to change..

Fröst have always been super cute,their new album is a little bit more techno-ish so I am really feeling it. Their last album had a fucking stunning royksopp remix and this one has an equally amazing skatebard remix. Life doesn't get much better.

fröst-one hundred years(skatebard remix)


fröst-free your heart


dont pretend you have no clue

Kimono kops sounds like being in love or at least what being in love should sound like. If everyone made music like this, the world would be a much happier and better place. Since they don't we have to settle for the little gems that come our way and treasure them like gold. I know I sure will/do.

kimono kops-eine lesbische uebung

sally shapiro-hold me so tight(kimono kops)


tell me what to swallow

Crystal castles are entirely to cute. I am sure that we all already know and love them, if you don't well shame on you. If I thought it was right to put the whole album up here I would have,but since it isn't enjoy some of my favorites,which were very hard to select.

crystal castles-magic spells ...my favorite!!

crystal castles-vanished

crystal castles-untrust us

and a fancy little bonus

liars-it fit when i was a kit(crystal castles remix)


you can't survive on ice cream

I completely disagree, i think if you can survive on ice cream but that is neither here nor there. The kills have never been my absolute favorite but their new album is seriously fucking amazing. Then when my favorite justice replacements remix the jam, it only makes it a fucking million times better!

the kills-cheap and cheerful

the kills-cheap and cheerful(mathematikal rerub


dont tell me your lies

Here i present the new and improved version of css. We all know and love them, now it is time to all know and love kronx. Immediately. If I wasn't already moving to berlin, brazil might be my next choice after sweeden of course.

kronx-i'll wait

kronx-charlie's theme


three times the same song

Love is all are a really fucking amazing band from sweeden (what a shock!) They had a great album and then came out with an even greater remix album. Both are must own albums like 95% of all music from sweeden.

love is all-busy doing nothing

love is all-busy doing nothing (optimo remix)

love is all-busy doing nothing(tapedecic remix)

.. and on a sidenote,being the stoner that I am I completely forgot to do a ONE YEAR post. Yes it had been a year on the 22nd of february. I had a tape planned and everything.


long way down

I should be so lucky as to continue the torch. One of my first favorite blogs(rip) introduced me to plimsouls, and now I hopefully and cheerfully get to do the same. What an honor.


plimsouls-plimsouls theme


feeling lonely

If there is a standout album of 2008 so far for me it would have to be a tie between miss kittin-batbox or hercules and love affair-s/t. I am sure that once I get the cut copy and presets albums there might be a slight change of opinion, or the list just may grow but for now those are it for me. I have already loved on miss kittin so now its hercules's turn. We all know and love the song blind, and we all know and love the dfa so really how could this be wrong. Anyone who takes a boring song like goldfrapp's a&e and makes it this fucking cute has to get a little piece of my heart. So let them know and I will mail it immediately.

hercules and love affair-athene

hercules and love affair-classique2

goldfrapp-a&e(hercules and love affair remix)


be my baby one more time..

I pretty much live for anything that cut copy does. Their new stuff is no exception at all in fact I have been stuck on it for a looooooooong time. How the fuck can I being not be in love with a band that starts their shows by playing daft punk, and then says one more time in a song ??????

cut copy-lights and music

cut copy-lights and music(superdiscount remix)


fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

The only thing making this sunday ok, is that I am listening to !!!. How appropriate that the song has sunday in the title,and the time that I should have woken up for workn. Now if only I were at home today would be oh so much better. Also enjoy one of the best maurice fulton remixes ever.

!!!-sunday 5:17 am

!!!-pardon my freedom (maurice fulton instrumental mix)


my head hurts

Fischerspooner are back with a really great track on the latest kitsune compilation. Lets hope that they go back to being dramatic instead of trying to be taken seriously. The single has some really great mixes to. Im feeling generous so take them all even the original.

fischerspooner-the best revenge

fischerspooner-the best revenge(autokratz righteous retribution mix)

fischerspooner-the best revenge(alex gopher retaliation remix)


i really want to kick it with you.

Thank god for Scuola Furano. Sometimes I think that they are living inside my head. The only bad thing about this song, they completley removed. Oh how I love theee.

estelle-american boy(fireworks and tears scuola furano remix)


never ever ever..

This is a fucking stunning track, but we should never ever ever destroy the cowbell.

robot noize-destroy cowbells

i am moving to berlin.

Fuck you america. Gomma is seriously one of my favorite labels, enjoy these fucking gems.

munk-mein schatzi(zongamin remix)

headman-running into time


got some piece of mind

I wish that once someone was no longer a part of my life, that it meant that I never thought about them again. Unfortunately this is not the case and this song will always remind me of you, even though you probably don't remember why and probably don't even read my blog. Well I remember and I miss you.

cassius-toop toop (cassius reggae rock remix)

There is nothing reggae at all about this stunning remix, so enjoy it but don't let it remind you of anyone.


love will reign supreme

Happy day to tell the one you love, that you love them. Despite my feelings about the day the ever so fabulous mobius band have put out an ep of love covers for FREE on their website. You should do yourself a favor and go and grab them. Since they covered one of favorite daft punk jams, that is what i will be sharing but the rest might be better or might not be. You be the judge.

mobius band-digital love

P.S tell the the person that you love, that you love them everyday, not just today. Please!!



ce jeu

I am pretty sure that not one week will go by without an amazing new remix from the tweleves.

yelle-ce jeu (the twelves remix)


i was dancer all along

As I hope you are well aware, I am completly in love with all things sweedish. Lykke Li is no exception to that. I have posted a track by her before, but now its time for some more. I hope you enjoy and fall a lot of bits in love with her to.

ps: Im pretty sure that I need to start rocking a ponytail like that to.

lykke li-im good,im gone

lykee li-complaint department


i live to give

The whip's album x mark destination, has been pretty much the only thing I have been listening to since I got it. I can't think of anything to compare it to, because I haven't fallen this hard for an album in a really long time and that is saying a lot in itself. They combine everything I love about music all into 10 fucking amazing songs that never disappoint. I will give any dj in the world the biggest hug ever if they play divebomb,hello it's even on Kitsuné.

As as added bonus please enjoy the great remix they did of the black ghosts.

the whip-throw it in the fire

the whip-divebomb

the black ghosts-any way you choose to give it (the whip remix)

Pre-order this immediately!!!

rain rain go away

I was not aware that LA had become the new Seattle. This on and off rain shit needs to stop,yes I'm sure its great for the earth blah blah blah, but I take the train and walk so I need the rain to stop at least during the times of my walking. On the plus side the rain motivates me to make tapes, so if you fancy a tape this would be the time to ask.

This is probably my favorite song with the rain in it. Do yourself a favor and get the bejamin diamond version, if I remember I will post it tommorow.

oran juice jones-the rain

I'm not feeling work today either, so maybe I will just make a rain playlist later.


we all live and die

If you want to feel the groove and bust a move, I highly recommend downloading this mix, turning up the volume and the rest will just naturally happen. How funny that it happens to be almost my weekend and I get this today, from my new favorite reader.

If you are curios...Here's the tracklist:
Hollertronix - Betty
Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (DJ Dainjah Remix)
Spektrum - Kinda New (Dirty South Remix)
N.W.A. - Something 2 Dance 2
Freestyle - The Party's Just Begun
Paul Johnson - Get Get Down (Charlie Fanclub Remix)
Irene Cara - Fame
2 Live Crew - It's Your Birthday
Mantronix - Listen to the Bass of Get Stupid Fresh, Pt. 2
Snoop Dogg - Sexual Eruption (Rah Amin Remix)
Kayne West - Stronger (A-Trak remix)
Trina - Pull Over
Daft Punk - Da Funk (Casino Inc. Amazing Disco Remix)
Dave Nada - Where Brooklyn At?
Chordettes - Mr. Sandman (Squeak E. Clean and Desert Eagles Club Classic)
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Can You Feel The Beat
Aquasky - Have A Good Time (Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal Remix)
Simian Mobile Disco - Party Goes On
Paul Simon - I Know What I Know
Wolfmother - Woman (MSTRKRFT remix)
Yo Majesty - Club Action (Bagraider's Sailing to Baltimore Edit)
Biggie vs. The Biz - Friends Hypnotizing Friends (DJ Weekend Mashup)

dj weekend-winter butt warmer


dont let them do that to you

Leave it to Matthew Herbert, to make the best song of bjork's latest album even more fucking amazing than the original.

bjork-declare independence (matthew herbert 12")

I dedicate this song to my job, and me declaring my independence from it.


feels like a new beginning.

You know that someone has some serious fucking talent when they can sound this fucking stunning,and make me enjoy anything acoustic.

go downtown..

I love the twelves entirely to much for my own good. You should too.

thieves like us-drugs in my body (the twelves remix)


for you and the crowd

This is a lovely mix by my ever so wonderful friend,with the best name for a party ever,where he will be headlining in February.


the wollium-nasty nuts


mention my name

I am very much in love with kasper bjorke's album In Gumbo, in fact I would put it in my top 5 favorite albums of 2007. Today is a really shitty day, and these 2 songs are all that are helping. Hopefully someone out there's day gets brighter because of these gems.

the glass-come alive(kasper bjorke remix)

kasper bjorke-back and spine (extended mix)


if it tastes like caramel

To quote my good friend donnie "I have fallen in love with Hot Chip all over again BTW". Nothing more needs to or can be said. February 4,everyone should camp out in front of their local record store.

hot chip-bendable posable

hot chip-hold on

um WOW.

I don't have anything else to say.

kylie minogue-wow (mstrkrft remix)


everything starts to spin

I totally wasn't lying!

The last kelley polar album reminds me on a consistent basis of why/how I fell in love with metro area as well as anything that comes out on environ.

Unfortunately the new one hasn't had the same effect on me,yet. There are only a handful of gems, but those gems are super fucking bright gold which makes it ok. The track below sounds like the greatest metro area song ever, not only for the beats, but because of the ever so stunning vocals. Play this song on repeat for the rest of the day.

kelley polar-entropy reigns (in the celestial city)

it feels so good.

Im probably going to post more than once today,brace yo self. Its a fucking holiday and I have the day off, but I had to come to work today so in my effort to say fuck you to the man, I'm not actually going to do any work.

We will start of with the presets,and their beyond amazing current single. I think the first time I heard this song, I literally fell out of my fucking chair. Mouse on mars totally make this song even more amazing,which I didn't really think was possible.

I am also including this little mash-up and I normally despise mash-ups, but when you add the stuart price era madonna to anything, it immediately equals love for me.

the presets-my people

the presets-my people(mouse on mars acid pretzels remix)

the presetslovemadonna-hung down

And on a total side note, I am completely and utterly head over heels in love with this blog


frenches do it better.

If this is how 08 is going to start, this will no doubt be my favorite year ever. Miss Kittin has my bangs and comes back with an album that is actually good the entire way through! Fuck 07 its all about 08.

miss kittin-kittin is high


almost a queen

Whitest boy alive + morgan geist= entirely to fucking amazing. If my brain were working today I would probably have something more clever to say.

whitest boy alive-24k


now lets dance

Just when i thought that I was forgotten, I open my emails yesterday and find this lovely little message from one of my favorite artists of last year,if not THE favorite. I think that I want to start djing just so that I can make everyone else love them too. These 2 tracks prove why they own a little piece of my heart,now and forever. Enjoy un-responsibly.

Mathematikal-The A Team

Harris Robots-GO (Mathematikal Rerub)


its you im thinking of

This song has been my jam since the first time that I heard it,much like everything that is sweedish. I wasn't going to post it because quite a few other lovely blogs already had, but now Im pretty sure it is the right time for reasons to important to try and write about.

lykke li-little bit