a few of my..

Lists are sometimes fun, sometimes not but always difficult. In this year of truly wonderful music, these are the albums that I always came back to.

25. caribou-swim

24. !!!-strange weather, isnt it

23. grum-heartbeats

22. bon homme-bon homme

21. miami horror-illumation

20. lindstrøm & christabelle-real life is no cool

19. goldfrapp-head first

18. kasper bjørke-standing on top of utopia

17. shit robot-from cradle to the rave

16. robyn- body talk

15. aeroplane-we can't fly

14. two door cinema club-tourist history

13. javelin- no más
i swear i found a video once

12. tesla boy-modern thirills

11. sia-we are born

10. wait what-notorious xx

09. best coast-crazy for you

08. fenech-soler-fenech-soler

07. die sterne- 24/7

06. kylie minogue-aphrodite

05. kisses-heart of the nightlife

04. hot chip-one life stand


03. monarchy-monarchy

02. crystal fighters-star of love

01. groove armada-black light

A compilation of this years jamz will be coming shortly.


Shockingly, this is my first basement jaxx post ever. Hmm.

basement jaxx-dracula

I really do have the best gay husband ever.


nothing is wasted

If these remix doesn't automatically make you feel better, your heart might be colder than mine.

hot chip-i feel better (den haan remix)

...this one's for you pip!!



Just the other day I was thinking that I needed to listen to more Tahiti 80. Then arrives this ep, which has its wonderful as well as not so wondeful moments.

This is one of the more wonderful moments. Tahiti 80 channeling Whomadewho, could anything really be better???

tahiti 80-crack up (short version)


to have this dance with you

Stereolab met Braodcast and they had this lovely little baby. At least this is what it should sound like.

le futur pompiste-five hundred heartbeats

Oh anywhere but here, why oh why are you so wonderful?!!?!?!?


should I make my way out the door

This is all that currently matters.

I was going to write a real entry about them, but a) I can't decide on which song and b) you should really just get the whole fucking album.


give _________ when you can

This is like the best dream, that you didn't even think to dream about. The kind that leaves you delirious for an entire day.

kisses-kisses (joe goddard remix)


tell yourself that everything is ok.

I really wish that they sounded like this all the time, maybe next year they will.

wave machines-keep the lights out (artwork remix)

Mmmmm, masks.



Since Fenech-Soler's debut album is on super heavy rotation, this is nice to watch.

I hope one day I'll stop being sad that I got there too late.



This song is great.

craft spells-ramona

group love.

I made a group on last.fm which you can now be a part of! I will try to make it worth your while, if you become a member


and a little bonus is one of my favorite playgroup remixes ,enjoy!

louie austen featuring peaches-grab my shaft (playgroup remix)


gonna find my trophy tonite

White sea is the fancy l solo work of miss Morgan Kibby of M83 fame. Its not really what I expected, but that isn't necessarily a bad this.

She is waaayyy too fucking cute to hate plus, anyone with a song called ladykiller is automatically a winner in my world.

white sea-ladykiller


in the neon light

I have a friend name dan, who is a little bit to great. He told me that I might like this, and he was completely right!!

If she sounds familiar you are awesome and deserve 15 hugs. She was in a wonderful band called sex in dallas and is french (of course) and amazing (naturally). I can't wait to hear more.

mohini-paris 2013

the music is the answer

I'm still really sad that I will never get to see this band.

ou est le swimming pool-answers



It's been too long since Lo-fi-fnk have made my day with new songs. I am beyond thrilled that they are making my day, and keeping my mind occupied while I can't sleep.

Oh and fuck you,sleep.



don't be afraid

I've said it before and I'll say it forever. Sally Shapiro makes everything better.

anoraak feat. sally shapiro-don't be afraid


I completely forgot to update when I reached the 100 mark, shame shame shame on me. The cake party was yesterday, thanks to everyone who made it out, and thanks to everyone that got me to that milestone.

I wish I could stop listening to this song on ultra mega super duper repeat.

the hundred in the hands-pigeons


you're the illest

So first off I can't really believe that I'm posting this song, but its my besties birthday and this is his jam, and this remix doesn't make me want to harm small children.

Happy birthday tranzilla!!!!

nicki minaj-your love (kimono kops remix)


by the sea

Stereolab should definitely not need an introduction. Lætitia Sadier being the most recognized from stereolab, should also not need an introduction. This is album is great, if for no other reason, that you can actually understand (most of the time) her.

Stereolab really need to get over themselves and put out a new album and tour again, asap.

lætitia sadier-by the sea


you want me now?

I'm always forgetting everything, especially songs that I love.

Anyone who knows a cure, please let me know.

chicken lips-sweetcow


a walking disaster

It happens entirely too often (and not often enough), that a song seems like it was written for this exact moment.

tiefschwarz feat. mattie safer-warning siren

This is an oldie but always a goldie.


a little more than I can bare

Oh sweden/norway, why are you constantly stealing huge chunks of my soul, and saying the words that I can't say?? Yet another darling lady comes your way , courtesy of my best friend. I dare you to not live for this song.

karin park-can't stop now


you don't want to....

Something strange is happen to me, either that or some albums are just really outstanding this year. Monarchy has been on mega repeat for quite some days, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

monarchy-you don't want to dance with me


feel like i could fly

The KDMS - High Wire from Leroy Hanghofer on Vimeo.

This is another one of those videos/songs that are just to awesome to not leave a permanent mark in space.

Kathy Diamond makes everything all right.

the kdms-high wire


This has to be the best bio ever:

Tears Run Rings is a long distance relationship. In another life these old friends were in the breezy mid-90's indiepop combo The Autocollants and founded the renowned indie label Shelflife Records. Now separated by the cities of Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles they collaborate through the magic of the internet. The band records in 3 separate studios, transferring tracks back and forth over the wires until they are perfect.

tears run rings-reunion

Sometimes my inbox saves my life.


they saw the waves

This song is mega awesome. If aaahh's dont make you smile, I feel sorry for you.

vernoica falls-beachy head


i'll be giving it all away

What's up with all the redheads making me melt a little bit lately? Ugh.

This is also the first song that has a classixx remix, that I DONT like. What's up with that (part two)?

active child-when your love is safe

when i eat cake..

Maybe I'm alone, but I am really enjoying aeroplane's- we cant fly. This song is super cute and it features sky ferreria on vocals, which is never a bad thing (even on mega ultra super repeat).

aeroplane-without lies


tell everyone you know..

So I have almost reached 100 fans on facebook, which thrills me to end. If you haven't become a fan yet, please do and if you already are, thank you!

I will be baking a very special cake once I hit 100, lets do this.

miike snow-song for no one


fucking awesome

Since I'm sure there is at least one person who reads this who isn't a fan on facebook (pip!!!!!!!) this wonderful video needs to leave its permananent mark.

The Hundred in the Hands - Pigeons (Music Video) from DANIELS on Vimeo.


get ready to shuffle

I'm not usually a fan of live recordings, but if this doesn't bring joy to your life, your life is fucking doomed.

I'm meellllltiiiiiiiiinggggg

whomadewho-melt festival

black is back

The new matthew dear album is on mega fucking repeat.

matthew dear-little people (black city)


i don't care about nothing

I really never thought I would see the day that I post a song that has been touched by the raveonettes. Damn the drums, damn you.

What the fuck is happening to me?

the drums-lets go surfing (the raveonettes remix)


take my hand

I wish that I was more excited about this song. It sounds to me like they have been listening way too much a certain band, whose name I will not mention but begins with a b.I do however, really like the parts that sound like the beach boys (who are not the band I am referring to above) Hopefully it either grows on me, or the other material will be better.

I don't want to live in a world where cut copy don't make me happy.

cut copy-where i'm going


all night

I finally took a little break from night work this morning, and while I do miss it so, my ears have no complaints. This is pretty much how all albums should start.

tesla boy-electric lady


they always talk to much

I'm not sure if I am sorry for the lack of posts (this time) since all I have been listening to is night work, on super ultra mega repeat there has been no inspiration for me to do any updates.

That day has changed.

Berliniest album ever????!!!!? I cant FUCKING wait!!!!

3 repetetive sounds-am fm


i want you to funk me

So Im pretty much at a loss for words to properly describe the way that I feel about Night Work. All I can for sure say is that I will never ever love another human more than I love currently love Mr Price. Oh, and its literally been on repeat ALL day.

scissor sisters-any which way


you can be my lover

I pretty much live for the cheesy synths . So clearly, I have been currently living for grum's album.

And this fucking sexy picture.

grum-turn it up


the sun is too damn bright

My heart pretty much broke in half when I found out that Mattie Safer left the Rapture, since I feel that he was the soul of the band. Im still not sure how they will survive, but I am thrilled that he is working on his own material as well as still being featured on others. I am also even more thrilled that thing song was produced by Mirawais.

I wish,however, that I was more thrilled with uffie's entire album.

uffie-illusions of love(featuring mattie safer)

fun fun f-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-n

I meant to post about the drums a while ago, but wanted to wait until I had a song that wasn't on every other blog. Maybe this one is to, but it totally means something to me at this moment. Why oh why is everything about them so fucking cute?!?!

the drums-i need fun in my life



There not a single day that goes by that I dont listen to zoot woman.

zoot woman-more than ever


it doesnt mean shit

I knew I felt something when I went to Philly.

I listened to this song on repeaaaaaat today. If delorean were american, the would sound like this, and for me to compare you to delorean and american in the same sentence really means something. Or maybe it doesnt mean shit.

golden ages-it doesnt mean shit


tell me why

This little gem has been sitting in my inbox for far to fucking long. Things are finally back to normal and I really can't think of a better song for my triumphant return. Kimono Kops makes everything better!!

kimono kops-sweettooth for charlie


we have no money

So I basically spend every day waiting for anything from Scuola Furano. That day is finally here and I couldn't be more in love.

Scuola Furano - Tribute ep teaser from Scuola Furano on Vimeo.


keep us apart..

So basically I have been listening to this song on mega repeat. As usual stuart does a remix of his own production.

Seriously he needs to marry me.

And since I believe in giving credit where credit is due, check out this blog for the fucking gem and way to many others.

scissor sisters-invisible light (stuart price remix)


how did it feel to be alone

Saint Etienne make everything better and so does Richard X,so clearly his re-make of one of the best debuts ever should make you feel very funny inside.

saint etienne-only love can break your heart (richard x extended remix)



if im wrong again i apologize

So apparently I haven't done a post on this band yet. Shame shame shame on me. If you have the opportunity to see them live, you should definitely go, you will dance way too much and if you don't lose a little piece of your heart you are an asshole.

A redhead has totally stolen my heart. I swore this would never happen again.


two door cinema club-eat that up, its good for you


sometimes you shine

This sounds like the best empire of the sun song that will probably never exist. But oh, how I wish that it did.

pnau-with you forever (fm attack remix)


touch me before we freak out

The new headman album is super fucking amazing. Seriously 2010 are you ever going to stop??? I surely hope not!!


my drinking is killing me

Clearly, I would love this song and clearly, you should too.

robyn-don't fucking tell me what to do