back to the jams..

Forgive yesterdays rant,but its quite disappointing when my favorite producer ever decides to produce someone like seal's new album. Seriously.

Anyways this song is the fucking jam..lets go to space and dance to some disco there,and not listen to seal.

Muallem-Shanti Dance feat. The Droids (Nick Chacona Mix)


not even worth a title.

What is the point of having a hero if they are just going to fucking let you down. This song goes out to all of my former heros.


go down go down on..

Sometimes I really wish that I would have started this a loooooooooooooong time ago. I have a tendency to leave songs on certain computers and then no longer have acess to them,currently being an issue. Dessous-Chics are yet more electro yummyness hailing from france. I found out about them last year and you could still download all their songs,and back then they were even all in french!! Well anyways all that I can give you now are these.. hope you enjoy and if anyone knows a way that I can get them off my ipod let me know and I will share the rest of my wealth. Catherine Ferroyer Blanchard is also my fucking girl also french also loves black strobe and maybe might like tapes more than me!! Big ups to her for bringing back cassette singles.

dessous chics-deserve mix

catherine ferroyer blanchard-chanson d'amour (dessous chics remix)


i run a mile

Today I finally got around to taking the time to check out all the bands who have tried to add me recently on myspace and I came across this fucking amazing band. Neon kicks first off is amazing name for a band, then you add that they sound kinda like metric but with a bit more keyboards and someone totally different singing makes me love them automatically. That is an absolute travesty that they are unsigned so someone should get on that asap.

neon kicks-miles


its long overdue

Roisin Murphy needs no introduction and if she does, then you need to be slapped. She has a new album coming out soon and I cant be more excited. You should be too.
roisin murphy-overpowered (radio edit)

roisin murphy-let me know

roisin murphy-modern timing


as i was saying

I have been meaning to post about these lovely ladies for a while now. The Organ have already broken up which is the biggest bummer in the world, but they recently let us all know that they are going to be releasing an ep with unreleased tracks soon, so I figured this would be a good time to share them and hope you get into them to and buy their album as well as their ep when it comes out,whenever it does. I think the best description for them would be a cross between blondie and ladytron and something else really fancy that I cant think of right now. And they have awesome tshirts. Love them immediately please. Also check out the second season of the L word,i believe the first episode even,and you can see them playing live.

the organ-brother

the organ-steven smith

the organ-love,love,love

do it now.

vote here


music's by my side.

Palmyra Suicide hails from germany and is in part The WoLLium. Everyone should love both projects like I do. He is an amazing man and an even more amazing artist,he loves uffie and daft punk for fucks sake. Think some really amazing german electro and you still have no clue what you are in for.Enjoy.And get him a record deal so he can come play in LA.

palymrya suicide-love me

palymrya suicide-michelle

palmyra suicide-palmyra suicide


sometimes i think..

Today is just one of those days not enough sleep and drinking to much the night before with some really amazing people. Days like that always make me think of certain someones so this goes out to everyone who thinks of someone special after an amazing evening.

tracey thorn-its all true (escort remix)

moloko-i want you

thieves like us-to joy

thomas bangalter & dj falcon-so much love to give


we should never be apart

My friend at work introduced me to this lovely little band called the mary onettes and I cant stop listening to them now. They kinda remind me of what a sweedish joy division in their later days or early new order would sound like,but not in regards to the vocals,so dont quote me on that one. And really what more can you really ask of life, especially when its to hot to be dancing around everywhere.

the mary onettes-lost

the mary onettes-slow


its fucking hot

..and since i made the mistake of wearing jeans instead of shorts today you get this lovely electro-y gem...duh called the mistake. Enjoy with a nice cold glass of water.

Bleach Eatin Pimps-The Mistake (Pimps Lap It Up Mix)