i've been a bad bad girl

No, this will not a fionna apple post. This will be admitting to my very own defeat. I might try again at some other point to really do the one post a month conquest, but at the moment half ass attempts just don't seem to really be enough.


lets burn it

Oh how I miss greenskeepers..I guess this somewhat fills the void (for now at least).

james curd-let's burn it all (feat. devin byrnes)

..or maybe not



turn off the switch..

I never really considered myself too much of a neil finn fan, this year has really changed everything.

pajama club-tell me what you want


i want to be true...

It makes me really fucking sad when I realize that no one that I adore is currently tagged in any posts.


So I skipped a day, shoot me.


she's moving she's grooving

I'm going to TRY to make one post everyday for a month starting now, this is getting ridiculous.


thanks little boots <3


you should hang your head in shame

I can't even begin to count the times that I have listened to this song on mega repeat (and I'm not allowing last.fm to either). Mr. Goddard, you are my favorite bear.

joe goddard-gabriel (feat. valentina)


why can't you let me go?

While I typically hate on everything, I actually am NOT hating on the new rapture album (like most people). Yes, it's not the same band that we all (at one point) adore(d), but how can they really be the same without the wonderful mr. safer on bass (aka the soul of ANY band)? And to be honest, doesn't every rapture album have about 3 songs that are unbearable anyways?

the rapture-miss you


I just cant say no to you

this is the ultimate fucking summer anthem and yet another too cute video (even though I'm sure its not an official one)

if you don't have the patience for the video to load, listen:

Flight Facilities - Foreign Language feat. Jess by flightfacilities


love, i'm in love agaaaaiiiiin

I have been longing for a new metronomy album for far to long. It really was well worth the wait, do you yourself a favor and fall in love with the english riviera immediately.

metronomy-everything goes my way


One of my many dreams are finally coming true...Zoot Woman are coming to California!!!!! I wish it wasn't in the OC and that Stuart would be on bass, but nothing in life is ever perfect, but this will be pretty fucking close.

zoot woman-information first version 2.001


dance dance dance

I will most likely always be a sucker for any lady screaming about dancing, especially this lady. If you are not currently living for blood pressures, you are crazy.

the kills-dna



As usual, I am late with this one, but at least it is being acknowledged this year. Yesterday made the official 4 year mark for this little blog!!!!!! I have a bad/lovely habit of giving up on things, and shockingly have managed to (somewhat) keep this up.

As a little gift in the spirit of giving more and taking less I have compiled a little compilation of my jamz of the last 4 years.

enjoy, and thanks for reading!

ps. click enjoy

I Believe-Simian Mobile Disco
My Piano-Hot Chip
You Know Me Better-Róisín Murphy
Toop Toop-Cassius
Radio ladio-Metronomy
Nobody lost nobody found -Cut/Copy
I want nothing- The Black Ghosts
Dawn Of The Dead-Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Heads will roll-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Method Of Modern Love-Saint Etienne
The girl and the robot-Röyksopp
Saturation-Zoot Woman
History-Groove Armada
Baby I'm yours feat. IRFANE-Breakbot
Pigeons-The Hundred In The Hands
You wanted a hit-LCD Soundsystem
I Wrote The Book-Beth Ditt0
Blind-Rainbow Arabia
Blink And You'll Miss A Revolution-Cut Copy
Rumour Has It-Adele


i love oldies

Its been a while since one of those videos that are way to good they have to leave a permanent mark in mind has been around. The song is eh, but this video is AAAAAAAMMMMMMAZIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGG.

Felix Cartal - World Class Driver (dir. Josh Forbes) from More Media on Vimeo.


we were so happy yesterday

Steel drums and Kompakt records are surely the way to my heart. Boys and diamonds, Rainbow Arabia's soon to be released new album on the fabulous Kompakt records, has made me melt all day today.

rainbow arabia-sequenced


falling asleep can feel obscene

I have failed miserably at my most important new years resolution, however, the year is not over so I have time to change that. Lets start now!!

Lola kite have been on super mega play. They remind me a little of the mary onettes after they have had too much sugar.

lola kite-action



.. I forget why I bother at all. Here is why:


never gonna reach you

So far, this is my favorite album beginning. I am thrilled to no longer be disappointed in cut copy.

cut copy-need you now