the official coachella mix

In honor of my favorite time of year I have made this mix featuring artists that I will most definetly be watching at coachella this year(besides the kaiser chiefs,unless of course they want to play that version) I hope this makes anyone who isn't already going, go and for people whom this isn't an option strive to make it out next year. It is seriously the best weekend ever and one of the very few times I am happy to live in America.Anyways enjoy and Ill post all about when I return to work on Tuesday. Im not sure if I zipped the file correctly so this is the order that it should go in..

Junior Boys-In the Morning
Cornelius-Beep It
Hot Chip-Over and Over
Peaches-Downtown (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
Felix Da Housecat-Glitz Rock
Dj Mehdi-Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit)
Kaiser Chiefs-Everyday I Love You Less and Less (Boys Noize Remix)
LCD Soundsystem-Daft Punk is Playing at My House (Soulwax Shibuya Daft Mix)
The Rapture-First Gear
Happy Mondays-24 Hour Party People
CSS-Music Is My Hot Hot Sex
Ratatat-Wildcat (E*vax Remix)
Busy P-Chop Suey
Spank Rock-Bump (Switch Remix)
Bjork-Earth Intruders
!!!-Must be The Moon (Hot Chip Remix)
Klaxons-Golden Skans
Teddybears-Yours To Keep (Featuring Annie)
Of Montreal-Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games
Peter Bjorn & John-Young Folks
Placebo-Pure Morning
Air-Playground Love

coachella 07 part one
coachella 07 part two

ps i wish you were coming with me.


so i lied

Being the stoner that I am,I forgot to bring the cds with me that I had planned to put up here for today. Instead I am sending you the link to the site with the best mp3s of the most life changing day of my entire life. Im sure if you are my real friend you already have these but for those who arent enjoy.

daft punk at coachella via daft punk fridays.

..so i guess im going to lollapalooza now tooo.. who is coming with me??


real love cant be bought

I am going to try to focus on fun bands I have seen in the past at coahella this week,besides daft punk,because I focus on them enough on their own.

First up is one of the best newer,New Order songs produced by none other than Stuart Price. If you don't own Waiting for the Siren's Call you are seriously trippin and should run out and buy it asap. I had seen new order a few years prior to seeing at coachella,right after Gang of Four,nonetheless, and this time they completely blew me away although I'm sure that had something to do with how much e I was on and the fact that I wasn't with my ex... either way this song always holds a special place in my heart.

New Order-Guilt is a Useless Emotion


thank god for stuart price.

I just stumbled upon a new thin white duke remix that I have to fucking share with you lovelies. It's another gwen remix,and he always does her real right. Her first album was super cute this new one isn't that great and this song was one of my least favorites,but now I think I like it... hope you do to..

Gwen Stefani-4 in the Morning (Jacques lu Cont's Thin White Duke Remix)

ps everyone in hell-a needs to go to both of these events.


i just found out..

that i finally get to see Justin Timberlake and with a good friend. I am way to fucking excited so in honor of that I am sharing my most favorite sexyback remix. I don't ever see or hear anyone hyping up samuel or any of his fantastic remixes. Do yourself a favor and click his name and download them all asap especially the sexy as sin Robot Rock one..

Justin Timberlake-SexyBack (Samuel Remix)



I halfway had fun last nite which is a total first since a) I wasn't at safari sam's and b)I was partying with most of the lameoids in la.The biggest ups that I will ever give go out to whoever the dj was who played the para one remix of prime time of your life and making me cry.I dedicate this song to los angeles,probably the original version though,because I really like this one. And I'm sure I deserve some amount of hate for not liking this band,but I just don't.

the boy least likely to-monsters (armand van helden's dub mix)


there is something wrong

.. i have been drinking way to much this week and haven't been keeping up here my apologies for that. This song is for you for and only you. The bird and the bee are way to fucking cute on their own then peaches gets her hands on this gem and only makes it 9000 times better. I am seriously going to cry the next time I hear this at a club and you aren't dancing with me.

the bird and the bee-f*cking boyfriend (peaches remix)


i push up on frenchies.

Well i gladly would but since I'm here and they aren't there is kind of an issue. I dedicate this to everyone and everything in or having to do with france.

I got these cds a few years back because,well I have always been interested in French music and the club scene there, and the first one I bought had a les rythmes digitales, so I didn't have much of a choice. I have been re listening to a lot of my cds lately and seriously fell in love all over again with both albums. If you know whats good for you,you will do whatever you can to get your hands on both of them.

Respect is Burning, Paris Is Sleeping Vol. 1
Paul Johnson-Hear the Music
Motorbass-Neptune (EDC Edit)
Respect Is Burning-Respect (Original Mix

Paris Is Sleeping Respect Is Burning Vol. 2
Romanthony Feat. Naida-Do You Think You Can Love Me (Lookin' Glasgow Vox #40)
DeeJay Punk-Roc-My Beatbox (Les Rythmes Digitales "As De Pique" Remix
We In Music-Penthouse

Still in that funk,in case anyone cared,and trying to get out of it,maybe these songs aren't really helping???


the right words escape me..

There is seriously no better time than the present to finally do this post seeing how this is the only band that makes me feel better when I am down.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Zoot Woman is a British pop band which plays electronic rock music. Formed by Adam Blake and Stuart Price as an instrumental project, the band enlisted Jonny Blake in 1999. The line-up now includes Bee Hatherley (bass, synthesizers) who joined the band in 2004.

While I didn't get into zoot woman because of Mr. Price's affiliation it sure doesn't hurt matters that he is in the band,and plays the bass which I am always an enthusiast of. I also don't hate on Beatrice, she is super cute and she sings background vocals for the new order jam guilt is a useless emotion that he produced. The only thing that I do hate on is that when I went to Germany last year and got to see them in cologne, she was there and not Stuart,thanks Madonna!

While Daft Punk are without a doubt my favorite producers, I think it is fair to say that zoot woman are my favorite band. The show that I went to where they were playing had just as much of an impact on my life as daft punk,and that is saying a LOT. Their music is perfect bad weather music,feeling shitty and trying to feel better music,getting it on music(although I haven't met anyone worthy of that honor yet),and giving you hope again music. If you download these songs and don't feel anything then please stop reading my blog as you have have no soul. Also make sure to actually listen to the woman wonder words(and all their words for that matter,but that one especially if you want to know me), you might learn something new about me that you may not have already known. Adam is also a very kind person and told me it was ok to do this post. Please love them forever.

some jams
It's Automatic
Taken it All
Information First
Seven Days
Woman Wonder
The Model
Holiday Home

.. this is a zipped file, if you have some of the tracks or would rather have them individually just let me know and that can be arranged.



Its been a long time since I have posted here,my apologies. I am trying to step up my game and write more with each post and my next post is going to be a real important one so it is taking quite a bit of time to come up with the correct words for it. This morning as I was looking through my cds to find one of the songs that will be posted when I do finally find the right words, I found this awesome little mix that I made. I don't remember who I made this for or when I made it but hope someone out there enjoys it as much as I have.

found tracklisting
cassius feeling for you lrd dreamix
seelenluft manilla headman remix
whomadewho hello,empty room
los super elegantes por que te vas
coleco musicya no dire te amo nunca mas
le mans datacasette
gang of four not great men phones remix
tiefschwarz warning siren featuring mattie safer
zoot woman gem
ms.john soda hiding/fading