crossover appeal

A. Bring your fake ID's if they're decent they'll work.
B. Doors open at 9 and close at 10:30 for anyone under 18-21. 21+ can get in 9pm - whenever.
C. There's a maximum of 250 18-21 year olds. So if we hit 250 by 10:00 that's it.
D. It's 10$ at the door for 18-21 year olds.

click on the flyer to rsvp to get in for free

Trash And Diamonds

be sure to put guest of guns'n'bombs to get in for free

GUNS'n'BOMBS are totally one of the best things to come out of los angeles in a hot minute. It is very rare for me to actually want to rep anyone coming from my hood so trust that this is a big deal for me. They are a duo consisting of JOHNNY "GUNS" LOVE and Filip Nikolic from ima robot who I saw dj one nite after chromeo. He spun jacques lu conts remix of cassius's feeling for you and after that I knew I would like whatever he was involved in,aside from ima robot(although they do have a jam that I love, std dance). Electro / Club / Thrash is what their myspace lists them as, and since im not really into defining people by a genre I will say that it complety accurate.
They have a wonderful single that is out on kitsune<333 that everyone should rush out and buy especially after you listen to crossover appeal and realize how much you didnt know you loved them yet. They have also made my favorite teenagers remix,and if you hit up their myspace they have some rad mixtapes up as well,perfect for woking out to.

Anyways Im hitting up the show tonite,getting my drink and boogie on and probably a lot of hating on peeps in la,I wish my friend jack was coming with me.

Teenagers-Homecoming (Guns'n'Bombs 1996 XTC Remix)

guns'n'bombs-crossover appeal


what a feeling

.. that it does my friends that it does.

The following two songs are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum of how love makes you feel,and also musicaly on other ends.

I am not a magnetic fields fan,despite the singer being extremely gay(which I am a huge fan of). Their songs are a bit to sad(sad is ok,but not when it makes me want to cry,which they generally do)and not dancey enough for me. This song however totally jams. I love the piano in it and his choice of lyrics dont make me want to slit my writs for once. They do get their fair amount of props for making all of their sounds with actual instruments though.

Most people are familiar with groove theory's hit tell me,which is also a fantastic song. Baby luv however just reminds of all the early 90's dance jams that I used to totally love. I guess the dance music lover was always inside of me.

I dedicate this post to love and the highs and lows that it makes you feel and to anyone anywhere feeling any of those feelings.

magnetic fields-i thought you were my boyfriend

groove theory-baby luv

she said she likes black music

I have never really been much of an international pony fan.
Something about them just isnt completely right for me,even though it probably should be esp since they are germans. They usually have only one or two tracks that I find decent which is always a total bummer for me. This new tack however gothic girl totally might start to change my mind and thanks to my lovely friend matt for sending it to me. Vocoders and cowbells?? There is no way that the combo of those two wouldnt instantly be my jam, I'm trying to listen to them with a different ear now. This song makes me want to wear a white (not black!!!)dress and put some flowers in my hair and dance in the grass.. who wants to join me??

international pony-gothic girl


they used to do it out in the park

This is the first of what will hopefully become many and more tracks that an artist has sent me and asked me to put up for them. I dont really know much about
motik lok besides that he is from germany.You should definetly hit up his myspacesince there is a fucking awesome cassius jack rock remix up. As for the track that I am posting think of daft punk and some awesome hip hop having a baby,that is totally what this song sounds like to me. A true gem.

motik lok-ebbr

update:check out my comments on myspace for his super lcd soundsystem mashup..


changed my life

There are 2 artists who have without a doubt changed my life in more ways that I can even begin to explain. Daft Punk and Stuart Price (les rythmes digitales,jacques lu cont,man with guitar,paper faces,zoot woman...) I dedicate this my first post to you and your lovely songs that have molded me into the dance music lover that I now am.

I still remember the first time I heard around the world on the radio and just knowing that my life was about to change for the better. My love for stuart actually started because I thought he was sexy and I bought the les rythmes digitales darkdancer album(which you should rush out and buy if you dont already own it,it features shannon yes that shannon for fucks sake) and fell even harder,knowing that there was better music out there for me to love other than the bullshit I was listening to at the time.

So here is the first song to ever really change me and an added bonus from the re relase of darkdancer. Hope you enjoy.

around the world (click me)

nancy jamaica
(click me)

..i totally forgot to give urb magazine some big ups for their restacked a few months ago they reviewed homework and darkdancer and you know that shit is hanging on my wall..