should I make my way out the door

This is all that currently matters.

I was going to write a real entry about them, but a) I can't decide on which song and b) you should really just get the whole fucking album.


give _________ when you can

This is like the best dream, that you didn't even think to dream about. The kind that leaves you delirious for an entire day.

kisses-kisses (joe goddard remix)


tell yourself that everything is ok.

I really wish that they sounded like this all the time, maybe next year they will.

wave machines-keep the lights out (artwork remix)

Mmmmm, masks.



Since Fenech-Soler's debut album is on super heavy rotation, this is nice to watch.

I hope one day I'll stop being sad that I got there too late.



This song is great.

craft spells-ramona

group love.

I made a group on last.fm which you can now be a part of! I will try to make it worth your while, if you become a member


and a little bonus is one of my favorite playgroup remixes ,enjoy!

louie austen featuring peaches-grab my shaft (playgroup remix)


gonna find my trophy tonite

White sea is the fancy l solo work of miss Morgan Kibby of M83 fame. Its not really what I expected, but that isn't necessarily a bad this.

She is waaayyy too fucking cute to hate plus, anyone with a song called ladykiller is automatically a winner in my world.

white sea-ladykiller


in the neon light

I have a friend name dan, who is a little bit to great. He told me that I might like this, and he was completely right!!

If she sounds familiar you are awesome and deserve 15 hugs. She was in a wonderful band called sex in dallas and is french (of course) and amazing (naturally). I can't wait to hear more.

mohini-paris 2013

the music is the answer

I'm still really sad that I will never get to see this band.

ou est le swimming pool-answers