a walking disaster

It happens entirely too often (and not often enough), that a song seems like it was written for this exact moment.

tiefschwarz feat. mattie safer-warning siren

This is an oldie but always a goldie.


a little more than I can bare

Oh sweden/norway, why are you constantly stealing huge chunks of my soul, and saying the words that I can't say?? Yet another darling lady comes your way , courtesy of my best friend. I dare you to not live for this song.

karin park-can't stop now


you don't want to....

Something strange is happen to me, either that or some albums are just really outstanding this year. Monarchy has been on mega repeat for quite some days, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

monarchy-you don't want to dance with me


feel like i could fly

The KDMS - High Wire from Leroy Hanghofer on Vimeo.

This is another one of those videos/songs that are just to awesome to not leave a permanent mark in space.

Kathy Diamond makes everything all right.

the kdms-high wire


This has to be the best bio ever:

Tears Run Rings is a long distance relationship. In another life these old friends were in the breezy mid-90's indiepop combo The Autocollants and founded the renowned indie label Shelflife Records. Now separated by the cities of Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles they collaborate through the magic of the internet. The band records in 3 separate studios, transferring tracks back and forth over the wires until they are perfect.

tears run rings-reunion

Sometimes my inbox saves my life.


they saw the waves

This song is mega awesome. If aaahh's dont make you smile, I feel sorry for you.

vernoica falls-beachy head


i'll be giving it all away

What's up with all the redheads making me melt a little bit lately? Ugh.

This is also the first song that has a classixx remix, that I DONT like. What's up with that (part two)?

active child-when your love is safe

when i eat cake..

Maybe I'm alone, but I am really enjoying aeroplane's- we cant fly. This song is super cute and it features sky ferreria on vocals, which is never a bad thing (even on mega ultra super repeat).

aeroplane-without lies


tell everyone you know..

So I have almost reached 100 fans on facebook, which thrills me to end. If you haven't become a fan yet, please do and if you already are, thank you!

I will be baking a very special cake once I hit 100, lets do this.

miike snow-song for no one


fucking awesome

Since I'm sure there is at least one person who reads this who isn't a fan on facebook (pip!!!!!!!) this wonderful video needs to leave its permananent mark.

The Hundred in the Hands - Pigeons (Music Video) from DANIELS on Vimeo.


get ready to shuffle

I'm not usually a fan of live recordings, but if this doesn't bring joy to your life, your life is fucking doomed.

I'm meellllltiiiiiiiiinggggg

whomadewho-melt festival

black is back

The new matthew dear album is on mega fucking repeat.

matthew dear-little people (black city)