its for you

Today was a pretty awful today, but when I came home and saw that I had some fans on facebok that aren't my real life friends I felt completely better. As a thank you for that I made a little playlist with some of my current jamz, just for you lovelies. Im not really sure how to make a zippy in the order that its supposed to be in so below is the correct order.

Thanks again!!!

its for you

javelin-oh! centra
toro y moi-causers of this
hot chip-we have love
groove armada-paper romance
hurts-wonderful life (arthur baker remix)
the golden filter-stardust
fan death-the son will rise


im craaaaaaaaaaaaazyyyyyy for you..

I am pretty much in love with kasper bjørke's new album standing on top of utopia. This was already released as a single but its my jam regardless. If his voice doesn't make you melt, you have no soul.

kasper bjørke-alcatraz


i heart the nightlife

I have a wonderful friend who always sends me wonderful albums. April will be amazing.

kisses-the heart of the nightlife